Monday, October 22, 2012

HA, I just realized...

I spelled deity wrong last week, i wrote diety. HAHAHAHA! Good thing hardly anyone reads this! How embarrassing.

It's official! I need rain boots! Thank you "dieties" (LOL) for the first real rain of the season. It officially feels like fall. I'd like it to continue, but the Giants have to beat the Cardinals tonight, so if you could take a temporary pause between the hours of 5 and 8 that would be great!

I'm thinking this year I want to give my office mates some cool office stuff for Christmas; like pads and post its...check this one out:
talk to the hand post its!
i can't wait until the elections are over. I love you President Obama, but i'm so very tired of all the emails. I already voted, doesn't that mean i don't need to get them anymore?

Last weeks "fireball"/meteor has actually left some remnants behind! In a nearby town, they found a piece of the meteorite! How awesome is that? I knew it was super close!

Black Friday! i can't wait. it's my day to buy my winter clothes! And yes, to buy some Christmas Presents too!

I want a family picture to send friends and family as our Christmas card. I think it would be funny, but Gerr doesn't seem too excited about it. I mean it would be him and I, Bella, Fievel and Misfit.....Misfit is the cat who doesn't like to be held or sleep with us or lay on the couch with us...he likes treats and to be left alone.  He does that deep moan when you pick him up, as if ready to strike.  And Bella is afraid of Fievel. He will be great, unless he starts to knead our laps if we're sitting.....hmm, maybe it isn't such a great idea...

Ring of the day!

Cool sites and stuff that's pretty!
Ideeli-Londonfog purses! they're pretty cute! Reasonably priced too.
Joss and Main-Gal on the go featuring lunch bags, travel bags, cosmetic bags. I like having a lunch bag, that way i don't have to carry a giant tote anymore. Also dog beds, collars and leashes and wall art in the Preppy pet!
Refinery 29-Great Slideshow about Best drugstore makeup and their comparison of the best department store makeup brands! A must see for us makeup fanatics! i learned a lot by clicking here
Chanel-I want flat black nailpolish...but 26 bucks is insane!
Delias-they're having a 20% off sale and there are like 1100 clearance items. This is normally when i buy swimsuits for next year...just a thought everyone...:)
Forever 21 - 50% off outerwear!

This story is actually about Howard Stern and his rant on the radio regarding Michael Vick. If you haven't heard, he's getting a dog.... I'm glad that someone with a radio show is complaining. Howard Stern may not be perfect, but i have always loved listening to his radio shows. Here is an article about Howard Stern and Michael Vick's dog ownership on dogster

talk to ya tomorrah!

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