Thursday, October 11, 2012

It finally rained.

Not sure how many other people rely on Accuweather, but for the last week it's been showing scattered showers.  For the past few days the sun has been out and when i get off work I am greeted by a nice breeze. No rain. No clouds. Yesterday was one of those days. I took Bella out for a walk and left my sweater at home. At about 9ish i hear a howling wind-or so I thought-I go outside and it's raining. What? I check accuweather and it says clear skies. ???????????????(so many question marks) I am thinking the turd balls who came up with this app have no idea how to predict any kind of weather. hmmph. Today it's very gray, at the least this app has it right. Cloudy. uh huh...

I ran out of half and half. That means I  have to go get it just me, but going to the store for a bottle of half and half makes you drag your feet? sigh...i need some coffee too.

Yankees WOOT WOOT!!!! Did you watch last nights game???? AMAZING! and i have to give MAJOR props to mr Raul Ibanez!
I was in shock for about an hour....2 homeruns??? How??? AMAZING!!!
just in case anyone missed it
I tear up just watching it. I hope we see more of him. I love A Rod, but sorry dude, i think it's time you let this guy play.

Since the weather is so wonky, i wonder if there will be a camping trip....dun dun dun!!! what do you think??? will we be celebrating Gerry's birthday in Nature or in the safety of our home????

Sites and Stuff
Anthem Wares-This site has some pretty cool, expensive things, but for some of us this could be absolutely affordable. It's really easy to sign up too.
Picaboo-Let's face it. We should probably start Christmas shopping now. A cool idea is to make personalized books, 2013 calendars and hey why not make your own Christmas Cards?  Picaboo is a great site and their program for the books makes the process easy and fun. I made one last year for Gerry and I.  It came out great.
Rue La la-Normally i don't feature kids stuff, but one of my closest friends is pregnant and you have to check out these baby gifts. I'm tempted to buy something now for her baby shower next year! LOL! I don't know the sex...dammit.
Hautelook-I'm afraid once this is posted the Calvin Klein shoes will be gone. GREAT Prices....i mean super great. Bedhead is making an appearance too! Lots of cool stuff on Hautelook today!
Joss and Main-some great antiquey like items on here today, i likey. I really like the wall art in English Accents. ooh check out the Perfect Pie too...
Ideeli-ok they have a really cool Ideelstyle sale and i have to tell ya, the items are very pretty. The prices aren't that bad. They have a pair of black BCBG glitter booties for 69.99-I'm a size 9 people...LOL. newest thing...think Pinterest, but you can buy stuff from it and it will tell you what stuff is like it etc..So you get to have a keep it button by your browser like a the pin it button, you keep what you like and add to your collection, you can click the item again to see how much it costs and buy it. I'll be playing around with the site! just opened TODAY! ok i'm having too much fun on there...
Forever 21-Go to the website and sign up where it says sign up now. Friends and Family event, maybe it's a big big sale!
Dorothy Perkins-because we women love good deals and love to shop, here's another website with incredible prices. I would hang out in the sales aisle because there are some cute dresses in my size....

it's time for.....
Pawsitive Dog Stories!
This is a great story and it comes with a video. A dog was trapped in a burning house and passed out from smoke inhalation. The owner wasn't in the house so as you probably guessed, the neighbors must have called 911. It took an HOUR and the paramedics saved this pups life. They have special oxygen masks for dogs and cats. That's just amazing and makes me feel better that in some counties and states they see my pets as family members and are willing to do anything to save them. 

ok time to mosey. Love y'all.

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