Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wakka wakka wednesday...

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Ok so who else is tired? I'm just a bit sleepy. The weekend is almost here people!! We're half way there, but don't let that fool you. This is your official reminder to live for TODAY, do ONE special thing today and pat yourself on the back for it. Even if it's reading this blog! I'll even pat you on the back...and of course say Thank you, like a bajillion times..I noticed my numbers rose, i'm not going to embarrass myself by telling you how many people are reading my blog because i am definitely not being read by the world or anything, but the few that do i can see it's consistent and i appreciate it wholeheartedly. so let's get on with the wacky...

  • So i get a lot of emails, which you probably already know since i've gone over them the last few days,  and this company sometimes annoys me but today it caught my points-total beauty package-it's 15 bucks and it comes with a Neutrogena lip balm, NYX roll on shimmer, Ferro X3 blush and Alfaparf hair serum...all of this 15 bucks AND you don't subscribe to anything. I kinda like that. 
  • Currently MLB is having an auction and a Jeter jersey is up to $5500, yeah i so can't afford that...I'll watch what happens. The auction closes on October 4. Here's the link.
  • mmm RED Valentino would definitely be my brand, if i could afford it...Rue La la has some savings, still on the expensivo side but at least i know what RED Valentino looks like now and ooooh is all i have to say.
  • so i did my nails last night with Julep's "Sasha" i like it. it wasn't streaky, definitely needed two coats, but that's not strange most nail polishes do. below you'll see my nails and my ring! yeah and I can't paint my nails very well, so don't make fun of my coloring OUTSIDE the lines. it's the new thing, don't ya know....
  • Dude...the Fancy box is making me want it SUPER bad....check it out here...i don't have an iphone (those bigots) but i want my phone to have ears once in a while...what should i do people??? should i buy the box and review it here???? i don't want a sushi maker though...maybe i'll wait for next month...but if you like the stuff go get it! 
  • Check out this ring on Plukka...It's a bit expensive 425 bucks. and way too many colors for me...but i like the style...nice idea.

  • Please sign the petition to protect veterans with PTSD to continue the use of dogs as a way to heal and cope with their disorder. This is real important you guys. It's a petition from the American Humane Association, which may not be the best organization, but this is a great cause, so please sign here 
Ring of the day! i really like this cool design. Got it off of amazon! And yes the nail color matches my shirt!

pawsitive dog story!
This is a pretty cool story about Tucker, a black lab and a conservation canine. He helps track WHALES!Tell me that isn't the coolest job! Apparently he doesn't like to get wet, but his nose knows where these mammals are going and he alerts the humans. How does he know? he smells their scat. I had to look this up because i had no idea what it meant. Scat means feces.  ok here are two links from the NY Times,  One is a slideshow the other is the article.

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Awesome Ideas! I really like ring on Plukka! thats really nice. Thanks for Share!