Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Superstorm Sandy and idiots.

It's not funny when you see people write the dumbest things on facebook in relation to natural disasters. I don't care what pictures are fake or whether a person in Florida thinks that the storm isn't too bad while a person in Jersey is like "uhm we're flooding and it's friggin bad." Stop with the fucking arguing asswipes. you live in two different states with different geographies. Seriously, stupidity LEAK. What's important is that we need to help the people, the animals and the whole damn city.  Also,  I could care less what pictures are fake. The insensitivity of some people makes me realize why these people ARE NOT close friends.

New York is my home town. It's my birth place. It's where my family is. There's no other place like it in the world. It has a heart beat stronger than any city I've ever been in. I hope that they get all the help they need.  If you've never been to New York....go. You won't regret it.

Stupid Comment i JUST READ ON FB-"they should do something about NY being at sea level, seeing as though sea level rises." Really? UHM...what the fuck do you want them to do???  Really i am astonished these people even survive life's daily turmoils...

My heart is broken that Ground Zero is flooded. 
source-NBC photoblog.  

By the way, yay that the Giants won the world series, but the crap that happened here the other night was bullshit. I wouldn't step anywhere near that parade tomorrow.

here are some links to some sites with pictures of New York flooding he has a lot of pictures, the last one is definitely shenanigans!

Thank you mom for sending me the Earthcam link so that i can see that my beautiful city is still alive and beating with a strong heart.

ABC News footage

Yahoo video

tanker run aground by superstorm

Do you want to volunteer? Go to this facebook page for any information.

Positive Dog Story
We need something positive to read and I believe this story is it. I found it on Stubbydog, one of the best sites ever! this is a great story about a family with autistic children and how a pitbull helped them. Helped them so much that they even save them now. It really is an uplifting story.

This is all for me today folks. See y'all tomorrow.

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