Monday, October 29, 2012

and the GIANTS win the world series!!??

Yes, they swept the Tigers. Sorry Tigers, but you weren't hitting until last night. There were so many times in last nights game when i held my breath. I was finally watching baseball! Don't get me wrong, sometimes a sweep is good, but sometimes it's not fun to watch. I think it was game two, I was sitting on my couch and completely bored. I am not sure what happened with the Tigers, but it was frustrating to watch. Neither team got hits, it was a pitching game. Last night, well that was proof that the Giants played well. Both teams hit, both teams tried their hardest and one won.  Congrats Giants! I am very proud to live in the Bay Area. And for those of you who don't know the Yankees will be hosting the Giants at the new Yankee stadium for interleague play on September 20-22 at Yankee Stadium. 

Also for those people who are online completely rude when talking about baseball teams, whether it's the Yankees, the Cardinals, the Giants, the A's, the Tigers etc...These teams work very hard and some of you run your mouths more than you exercise. Teach your kids to be a good person by not saying stupid crap. Watch what you say.

I am buying this book. I can't wait to get it. I also ordered Ken Foster's other book "The dogs who found me; what I have learned from pets who were left behind."
I'll be thinking of my family today during Frankenstorm/Hurricane Sandy. I feel confident that most of them will be ok. But thinking of you! Also remember to donate to American Humane Association. Their Giant truck will be roaming around the east coast to help animals and people in need.

I'm not jealous of east coast storms, but I am jealous of their weather. Is it just me or am I the only Californian annoyed with the sun and warmth??? Can we get some rain please???

So this is proof that humans can be idiots. Sorry babe, i love you and all but leaving the garage door open leaving access to the street was your fault. Yup he did that. Bella saw another dog I heard her bark, I ran outside and there she went. I found her barking at some lady with a little dog. i grabbed her brought her in and yelled at Gerry to apologize to the lady. I was so shaken i had to see what happened. They were both fine. The lady said it looked like Bella wanted to play. Her mouth was closed and she wanted to smell the puppy. I gave the lady a hug. Because that could have been awful. All the coulda's and what ifs are what's making me super angry at Gerr. But the reality is that she didn't cross the street, she approached a really nice lady with a very sweet puppy (yes it was a puppy), Bella was more excited than fearful. She's only done this ONE time before and she was a puppy and guess what ONCE AGAIN it was Gerrs fault. I don't blame my dog one bit. I blame us. 

Met Some cute kittens yesterday! I had to hold myself back when i met a very adorable female kitten that surely should have gone home with me but didn't....Also met some cute puppies. I NEED A HOUSE!

Pumpkin Cream Cheese muffins! Finally! I made them. I used this recipe from Lick the bowl good and a Well Seasoned life. (i love my tablet! makes it so easy to cook and read recipes!). Pretty pic for you!

Tonights dinner? Chicken Pesto!!! yummy.
Cool shite on sites.
Hautelook-first time on Hautelook Wildfox Couture-pretty cool jewelry, I likey. lots of skulls, owls, wings, etc. necklaces, earrings, stretchies though...but definitely take a look.
Joyus- too cute! pie and casserole carriers! kinda pricey, but the designs are adorable. I brought muffins into work today and i hate the big plastic thing i had to put them in. I would definitely love one of these!
Joss And Main- How CUTE!!!I want! PET BED! i wonder if it's big enough for Bella....
Refinery29-trying out glow in the dark the link to check out what they have to say about it....
Lifescript-Have a cough? What type and what are they telling you. read the article!

Positive Dog Story
Ok not doggy hero...but a people hero. This is a great story of how a woman saved a deaf dog with a troubled past and used sign language to communicate. there's a video on the page too! check it out, thanks dogster!

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