Friday, October 12, 2012

Frolicking Furry friday.

Hola My Amigos,

How art thou today? I'm a bit bummed out after the Yankee loss last night, but I must carry the hope for tonight's game. Come on Yankees!!! Last night i had to take a muscle relaxer, because the game was intense. 13 innings of praying, hoping, talking to the TV, making everyone (Gerry and Bella) wear Yankee something for good juju, etc. I was wearing the jersey and I tried to convince Gerr that he should hold the purse, but he didn't like the idea so i had it hanging off the TV (flat screen). I donned Bella in my Yankee tshirt and let Gerry wear my visor.  We did everything we could. Oh well, tonight is another game and i will hold the torch of hope.

Bella with my yankee shirt on

Anytime you plan a getaway, whether it's camping or a quick getaway to the coast, you need to well...PLAN. This camping trip was decided on this week. But nothing was really planned or is ready for that matter. The boat has speakers on the tower, but they're not hooked up. No one has picked up the wood yet. Some food has been purchased, but i'm afraid it's not enough. I'm praying it gets warmer and it looks like it we'll see. Oh and we better get the game on the radio, or i will flip out.

Well I gave Gerry two of his presents. He wanted a dutch oven for camping. I guess he says the one i got is the wrong one. Too bad hon, i'm not returning it-it's beautiful-cast iron and i bet it will work just fine. I told him if he wants a wetsuit i'll get him one. Trying to buy a present for him is pretty difficult unless you know EXACTLY what he wants. I should just get him gift cards.

Really in the mood for breakfast all of a sudden. I could use an eggs benedict right about now.

American Apparel is a bit lame.  What is up with their sizes?  Medium is 4-6? on what planet? Sorry but that doesn't fly with me. I think it's time for this company to get it right. And guess what this isn't sexy:
pull your pants up

UHM WHAT????-my old band is playing at a "nostalgia fest"??? I doubt i'll be singing, but that will be something i have to go see...bleh...old memories good and bad are flooding my brain...I think i'm going to stop breathing. lol. i haven't performed or sang in front of anyone for years. Luckily it won't be just me.. this band had 30 people total. BREATHE!

Ring a ding ding...
i know i've been pretty bad about posting my rings! sorry, i'll try not to forget to do that.

Cool sites with stuffs on em...
  • Rue la la-ok ok..i know i keep sending you guys over there, but really they have some great deals for any size pocketbook. Check it out, you got Sundays in the kitchen featuring great kitchen items at can't beat it prices, Fendi (for my richer friends), Pinkberry eight item tasting card for 15 bucks! Remember if you buy something that month, you don't have to pay shipping for the rest of the month. Can we say Hell yeah??? 
  • Hautelook-Ring Sale, tanning stuff, nail dryers, etc...
  • Ideeli-Patra sale. Beautiful gowns on sale for GREAT prices. i mean super great. I am so tempted, but i can't. I bought bra's more shopping for me...hmmph.
  • Julep-this link is only going to take you to some polishes, but i got an email about the Halloween gift box, comes with two polishes, a skull bracelet and a skull scarf for 20 bucks! Awesomeness!! see what you're missing??
  • Epicurious-I want to make this....Banana Chocolate Chip Cake with Peanut butter frosting. yeah...i want this. 
This story is more like a testimonial of how sometimes you go into a shelter looking for a specific dog and you leave with a Pitty. I love how they are surprised by how loyal and loving and willing to be trained the dogs are. I like reading the comments below the story, because it's a fairly common tale. The pitty can win over anybody. :)
found on the ASPCA website cuz i gets their emails...

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