Friday, June 1, 2012

June 1st? damn

the year is half over...what the heck??? Where is my two month summer vacation!!?? BLAH. to be a kid again....

I take Bella out every day after work, even when my body isn't feeling up to it. Lately the fragrances from the flowers around town are exploding and I get dizzy with all the scents and I smile. I smile because it smells so good and reminds me of a field of flowers and when i bring myself back to reality i realize I'm walking down a street with warehouses and concrete buildings.  I have no idea what it smelled like on "Little house on the Prairie" (probably poop from the horses), but this is what i think it smells like when they're running down the hill at the end of the show. So come on summer, I guess we're ready for you.

YAWN. I want coffee. or do I  not want coffee....So indecisive. 

Yesterday, the boys were fixing a friends car and we had to go to O'reilly auto parts (used to be Kragen) and this guy asks the lady at the counter, "What will take off corrosion?" The girl responds, "A wire brush." Gerr says "Baking Soda works", the guy responds "I've also used urine before." Made me blink twice and i instantly imagined a dude pissing on his battery. Gross. But funny mental image. In my head he has a cigar in his mouth and sorta looks like Randy Quaid.
Pic from Hollywood News
I'm so cool. i didn't buy anything from Ideeli(i still love and promote Ideeli and Hautelook, just need  a break from shopping! yeah right). i had stuff in my basket and everything. come on internet people be proud.

Cool lifescript article-yoga for your lower back. I'll keep this here for myself and others. I wouldn't really be myself I didn't show you stuff around and about on the web, right?

I realized i do want coffee, but the creamer is in the fridge and there's a stupid meeting in there...
ok got my coffee!! you must be so happy for me!
  shit...hautelook...damn you...someone help...

And in the blink of an eye, our yard sale is cancelled due to one of our neighbors who is going away for the weekend. can't find a spot for his car....or something...even though we all offered ideas. oh well....more time to figure out what we're gonna sell. Ok now the yard sale is back on...I'm so confused. All i know is that i have clothes, dishes, shoes and a blender to sell. I probably won't make much money, but that's what i got.  Why is it that everything always has to be so dramatic? People if you don't want to move your car say so! It's your spot and I totally understand, but this back and forth tennis crap like saying Ok one day and then another day saying something else is just stupid.

Today is free Krispy Creme donut day. Everybody calm down. Exit in an orderly fashion. Please do not run or speed full throttle to your nearest Krispy Creme donut shop. If they run out of donuts just wait patiently and google for another donut shop nearby. 
 So someone at my work recently complained to me that they hated when they asked one person one thing and then asked another person the same question because they wanted a different answer. Said they hated it. They just did it to me. Kind of hypocritical huh? Why why why do people do this????

UHM YUCK!!??? WHAT??? Man Admits he ate missing roommates heart and brain. what??? really?? why the hell would you admit to something like that?? Are the zombies coming? geez. where's my private island?

I may come back. just a busy little bunny rabbit right now.
meow and talk to you later.

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