Friday, June 15, 2012

Ready for 5 o'clock

Ok before I begin, my mother has told me that it's been a bitch to post comments on my blog. I'm not sure if this is the same for anyone else. I tested it myself, but it worked. I am not sure how to fix it, i checked my settings and i have it open to anyone who wants to comment. :( I'll keep writing anyway. I changed the comments to a full page and i've added my email link, so I hope it works, y'all. If i've been missing comments because of this, i'm a gonna be mad, well sad really.

Hi all! We've made it through the week. Phew. Took a while didn't it? It really wasn't such a bad week. I can't really remember if i complained...shrug. Let's all be thankful it's Friday!

Random things I'd like to say to designers:
  • Why would you charge 70 bucks for sandals? Have you noticed that there is leather missing from the shoe? That it doesn't cover a foot in it's entirety? What exactly costs $70 bucks when you're buying a sandal? Also, for those shoezazzle and sole society sites, 40-50 bucks for a sandal is a rip off too.  I'll wait for winter when i want to rip you off and get some BOOTS.
  •  Speaking of shoes....these are the ugliest things I have ever seen

 Do you want to read something scary. I found this article on lifescript and seriously got SCARED! NO not scarred, but SCARED. This article is for (I think) people who have SEVERE back problems. I wouldn't do any of the things mentioned with chronic pain. 9 New Ways to Relieve back pain. I think if you're going to try a horse tranquilizer or methadone to relieve your back pain you must be at the end of your wits. Seriously, very very scary article. I really was surprised that someone wrote this article and got it published. This world is filled with hypochondriacs and people who want quick fixes. (trust me, i know) I think it's an irresponsible article and a doctor (or several) can tell you what you really need.

I WILL NEVER BUY ALMONDS AGAIN!!! My first lesson at the farmer's market. flavored nuts are addicting. AND I KNEW IT!!! but they talk you into buying them, a BIG bag of them. So I do....because i know they'll be tasty and it's a healthy snack. And i know i'm normally a strong person....but this is my kryptonite. I've hidden them behind some files on my desk, so i can't reach over and taste the sweet buttery toffee coating on the crunchy I'm tempted to share with the office, but my gollum comes out and i'm like
"AHHH my precious Buttery Toffee Almond yum yums!"

Ok on another random topic...I have to share the following gollum pics on Google with you. These are two funny. 
 haha..ok it's not a morph, but i'm hoping Gollum tackles Rebecca Black and makes her go back to school. 

Alright all...this weekend my finger puppets and i will be creating ART. Can you feel the excitement? Have a great weekend!


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chex mix.

ceciblog said...

yeah now it's working for me