Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I don't have a case of the Mondays....

Because it's Tuesday, but i feel overemotional and weepy, tired and would really like to curl into a little ball and watch chick flicks all day. No, i'm not on the rag nor am I PMS-ing. This is when i realize I am normal. When I don't just have good days, but i have sentimental or emotional days. So i'll appreciate it, because that's what being alive and human is all about...
Now let's figure out why I may be over emotional...(lol)
  • Venus will be passing over the sun and we can see it. Western Hemisphere-that's us, we'll be able to see it in the remember to use some safety equipment to view it. It will only look like a freckle. Rare things (this only happens every 105 years, so I better see people looking at the friggin sun tonight) cause rare behaviors or
  • The fact that Gov Jerry Brown is a dick. (i'm very sensitive right now, so yeah he's a dick) Dude wants to limit the time animals stay at shelters to save money....from days to hours. STOP this crazy shit. .
  • In a month it's the anniversary of my boyfriends' mother's passing. I'm already feeling very sad about it. 
  • I want stuff. lots of and stuff....I need a bigger bank account. 
  • Counting calories. Last night i needed something sweet after dinner, so i had peanut butter on toast. The bread 90 calories, the peanut butter 190!!! WHAT???? I thought peanut butter was good for you???? ARGH!!! Well look at what was in my inbox this morning: Women's Health 78 ways to cut fat calories. Interesting article and definitely woke me up to a few things. ok...feeling a little better now. Woke me up a bit. it's time to start incorporating some ground turkey into my diet.  Check out the link, really not so bad. But one thing I will never do is substitute cottage cheese for ricotta. Not a fan. no no no.
  • i almost choked on a banana. ouch.
  • I'm blessed with some really awesome lady doesn't have to be a bad thing to make me emotional...Yesterday i talked to three very special friends. I realized today how lucky i was that these ladies even think of me or talk to me. truly blessed. 
  • hey i'm feeling lol. score....
I want to share dinner last night...I thought it was scrumptious. yum. I fried some chicken thighs in olive oil, added some diced onions and garlic after the skin on the chicken was crispy. Cooked the onions until half way soft, dumped one whole package of white mushrooms cooked for about 3 minutes and added chicken stock. Covered for about 10-15 minutes.Removed the chicken,  dissolved a tablespoon or two of flour in a small cup of water and then added it to my mushroom sauce. A couple of tablespoons of parmesan cheese and about a cup of half and half. put my chicken in after i stirred and covered on low for a while. Serve over pasta. I seasoned with garlic salt and pepper. Add whatever you like. It was very yummy and mushroomy.
My friends know i love to cook and lately i've been in the no cook zone, I blame the diet. But the above meal wasn't high super high in calories. I didn't use butter or heavy cream like some of the recipes online asked for in this dish. Small portions help too. Chicken stock is a good way to get a lot of flavor in your food without too much fat.
So what's for dinner tonight? I'm thinking Risotto with spinach and baked chicken. I thought Risotto would be higher in cals, but it's not...woot woot.

Food makes me super happy so I want to give you links of yummy food ideas from some of the blogs i follow because these people make super delicious food....which reminds me the first one uses Nutella. I need to get some of that....

wow normally there are more foods on my reader list!! oh well...these are the ones that got my attention. 
Hopefully tomorrow I don't talk about food. haha. Have a good evening and remember to visit my friends etsy shop! HERE!!!!

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