Monday, June 18, 2012

Thank God it's Monday.....

Yes i said probably never thought i'd say that since I'm always counting down until Friday, that and a lot of my monday blogs are about how they are eviller than Satan. Hey "eviller" is a word...WORD.

Remember how i'm not a big fan of Father's Day....well yesterday for me sucked even more so, because I had no distractions and cable TV was not helping matters.  It was also like 900 degrees outside so you had to keep still in order to cool yourself down. Ok, really it wasn't 900 degrees, maybe it was 400, because Saturday was like a thousand degrees outside. OH and I got two tickets this weekend...which is embarrassing, because i'm little miss follow the parking laws. So Hi Monday, pleased to meet ya, I will try to be nicer to you, but don't hold your breath because Monday's typically do suck.

This weekend I also joined the Smart Phone Party.  Yes, i grew up and got a smart phone, which let me just say is a smaller version of my tablet. It's ok, but now i am just wondering why i couldn't use my tablet as a phone. Shrug...anyway it's cute and takes really good pictures. Which I can't share with you because the AT&T store kept my OLD sim card and my new sim card is in my OLD phone. So pretty much i can't go online with this phone. I want to punch someone. oh and i'm chatting with an AT&T rep and would love to pull him out of the screen and have him do this friggin phone thing. fuckers.

I hate phone issues.


I need something to get my head out of the grumps. Alright let's think of positive things.....

  • I do like my new phone. it's a Samsung Galaxy II and it really does take pretty pictures. Plus i personalized it already and it's growing on me.
  • I got my hair did on Saturday. I had a livingsocial deal for just the roots, but she offered to do my whole head for only 10 bucks more. She was so sweet and I felt like we really connected. I felt very pretty after my appointment. I think i'll be going to see her in the future.
  • My friend came with me on my Bella walk and we also went to brunch. It was quite nice.
  • i am wearing my new black glittery ballet flats. 
  • i ate well within my calorie limit! 
  • I watched "Girls", not sure why i like this show, but i do. 
  • I almost got to video chat with my mom....but it didn't happen due to gmail issues.
  •  yay the weekend is over?
Anywho, i'm not very exciting today. I may come back and say some more later, but i'm swamped. Have a great day y'all.

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