Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pee Fright?

So yesterday's pain interview went really well. Each doctor said I would benefit from the program! Yipeeeee! One of the things I had to do was go and pee into a cup. Easy Shmeezy. They're probably weeding out the drug users and you know what people I'm squeaky clean. So I went to the bathroom, I had been drinking water since I got to the interview and didn't think anything of it....until I tried peeing.  All I expelled from my body was a trickle of fluid.  I looked through my plastic cup and that's when I got nervous. I felt my heart start to throb in my chest and freaked out. I put the lid on my cup, walked out of the bathroom and found the closest water fountain. I filled my bottle with water and began to chug, not once but twice.  I ran to the bathroom again hoping that would stir something up in my bladder and once again all i got was a tiny trickle. WTF? I was now bloated too, but still no pee. I put the container in the swivel thingy in the bathroom and said fuck it. if they need me to do it again I will.  I haven't had a pee test in years, normally i get blood taken out and that's simple (I guess, although I really hate needles). I would like to add that 2 hours later, I was peeing every 5 minutes.

Happy First Day of Summer Everyone!!!

How many people listen to the radio??? Raise your hands? Ok, put them down...Anyone heard the commercial about taking a trip to Taiwan? I feel like i'm being convinced to go somewhere I don't want to go. Like I'm being hypnotized. I listen to the commercial and part of me is like "yessss, i should go to Taiwan..." and then I have to smack myself and say, "Why the hell do you want to go to Taiwan? You can't even speak Chinese?(mandarin, cantonese...whatever)" I think there's something going on with that commercial....something eeeerie.

Someone please tell me how to stop FB notifications on my phone AND email notifications. I DO NOT need to know when someone emails me or has commented on the same thread on facebook. My phone doesn't doesn't. By the way I have an Android.

For your viewing pleasure, here's Bella!

have a wonderful day everyone.

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