Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nascar or a VW show?

Really people, these are my choices for ONE day off with my boyfriend and these are the choices he's giving me. I wanted to throw a shoe directly at his head and say NO.  Sure, there aren't very many VW shows in the area and he deserves to have me go with him on a Gerry "thing".  I better get some Off the Grid tomorrow night. I didn't want to tell him that the Woodies Classic in Santa Cruz was on Saturday, good thing he's working. *insert evil cackle here.

This weekend there's a lot of stuff going on in the city of San Francisco. One of them being Pride! So all sorts of marches, musical performances, parades etc....I hope to go. It's probably insane trying to find a parking spot though. LOL. San Francisco isn't too kind to people trying to find parking. We've also got Brass Tax Party 2012. That sounds like fun too. DJ's, "interesting art cars" and a bouncy house at Golden Gate Park. Vans Warped Tour...i just rechecked the bands and i'm sad i'm not going....The flashmob i wanted to be in: Lady Gaga is performing this weekend too. I learned the first dance then i got all achey thanks to Fibro....dammit...I wanted to see that one too. ooh the Treasure Island Flea market! As you know by now, you can visit SF Funcheap to find out what's going on in the Bay Area. oh well, i guess i'm going to the car show on Sunday.

I want to have a Wiener Party.  That's a HOT DOG Party, you dirty minded individuals. I got this email yesterday from Epicurious and it was an AWESOME idea. Think all sorts of hot dogs, sausages etc...and then like 15 toppings! Wouldn't that be fun? It was either that or a tea party and I don't think the guys I know would really attend that. When I told Gerry about my idea at the supermarket check out line last night the guy behind us laughed...i had to explain my idea and then it all sounded delicious to those around us. Man, people have such dirty minds....
Hotdogs are like America's staple food.
 Alright, i think my allergies are attacking my concentration. I will chat with y'all later. Have a wonderful day.

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