Monday, June 11, 2012

Whatever happened to drive-ins?

There still are some drive-ins lingering about, but for the most part they're extinct. It really is a treat though to go to a drive in movie and sit in your car which has major boom boom and feel your seat rumble with bass when the cool explosions happen. Some of my friends and I had that experience this weekend when we saw "Back to the Future". It was shown not on a screen but on a WALL of an old movie theater. It was great. Next time though, we're doing what the kids next to us did-ordering pizza! because that was awesome. Also, because i knew about it through and i let them know-I got free popcorn, water and a candy bar! :) super yay me. Gerr bought ONE ticket and he won the raffle!!! It was great.
Our weekend was also spent at the Haight St fair with some friends of ours. It was a gorgeous day to be in the city.  Music, teriyaki chicken skewers, cool handmade crafts, yummy strawberry lemonade, naked old guy with some type of sign covering his private area-but not his saggy bottom, music, yummy red velvet cupcakes, cool jewelry, lots of cool deals. I had a great time! On warm days, SF is definitely the place to be, there's a lot to explore outdoors.
my house is sold. And the pictures fooled me. fuckers. Why would they do that to people??? I guess maybe it's not finalized or whatever, but take the listing off or say SALE PENDING. That would be friggin nice. I saw some other properties that sound too good to be true...but whatever, i'll check them out next weekend. 
I think next weekend is when i'll have finger puppet photography time. Some new additions include a mannequin hand, guitars, skateboards and a hard hat. Should be fun.

Alrighty all, have a fabulous day. Goobers.

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