Thursday, April 12, 2012

Debwee, Debwee...

We got Debwee. Whenever I hear the word "debris" I think of Twister-that movie about the tornadoes, where Helen Hunt and what's his face are not good actors at all, but the rest of the cast is funny and stuff, yeah that one...When i got in my car i heard the traffic report for the South bay and they were talking about debris on the highway. Once again it's supposed to be stormy, but I see this ginormous star in the sky that's making me blind; probably should stop staring at it. Anyway, I'm driving to work and i see all of these people swerve, YIKES, it's debris debris! Well, it was a garbage bag that probably fell off a truck. So that's the word of the day, if you hear anyone say debris, kick 'em or punch 'em in the arm.
  • Day 3 of my morning smoothie. I must say it's a guilty pleasure to hear that whirring of the blender and wake up Gerry...hehehehe. I know i'm so mean. If it was like 7 or so , i wouldn't do it, but come on it's 8-get your ass up. lol. I think my new blender hates ice. I'm not very nice to blenders, so I have to be careful. I will figure out my new blender and she will love me. OOH tonight is the farmer's market and I need some fruits!!! :) 
  • What's the haps chaps? What is going on this weekend and what would I like to do. Truly I'd love to sleep in one day, but looks like Saturday I have to take Bella to the vet to get her second pee test-let's all cross our fingers that the Ecoli is finally gone...oh God, please...But what else sparks my interest:

Not much going on this weekend, which is fine with me. I should probably clean my house...hehehe.
  • I'm eating Tomato Basil Wheat Thins like they're the only sustenance i need to survive. I need to stop...after i'm done with the plateful i grabbed. And then I'll probably have ugly withdrawals so watch out.  
  • Hot on Hautelook- Matisse shoes. Blu Pepper-Great GREAT prices...19-22 bucks for some really nice blouses and dresses.
  • Ideal on ideeli-Cute stuff on the Philadelphia picks sale and Girl's night out sale
  • I feel awful, i wasn't impressed with either one of the above-ideeli and hautelook today. But I have different tastes than most. 
  • WHATEVER!!! Hey New Yorkers, get your butts on Living Social and buy the VIP meet and Greet with this guy:
 Yup...I'd kill for this...Give me Just ONE Picture with him and I'd be super excited!! Oh costs 2500 bucks...nevermind that's fucking insane. Yes it includes a ticket and seating in the 100 level ticket, meet and greets bla bla bla...or you can choose to pay 2000 to meet Mariano Rivera. still way out of my price range.
  • Today on Livingsocial-Marin/Sonoma- paddleboard session for 2! 50 bucks 4 hours. that's a good deal!
  • Last night we started our Bocce team for Gerr's company. Stagecoach is official-there is a BOCCE Ball team!!! lol Had a great time, we lost but for most of us it was our first time playing in an actual court (ahem, me). I liked watching people and studying their technique. Can't wait for next week's game. Hopefully it will be a little warmer and less windy! 
  • Oh and What's for dinner? My game plan for this evening is a baked scalloped potatoes with ham and Bacon! yummy. 
Off to la la land. I think i'll stare at the wall and slowly drift off into a functioning coma. By the way, wheat thins were made by Satan. That is all. 

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