Thursday, April 26, 2012

Poopy Morning.

Indeed a poopy morning. My neighbor stepped in poop when she took her pups out and Bella was doing the bootscootin boogie on the carpet-no poop thank the Lawd. I woke up at one point horizontally on the bed. My body must have felt free to roam about without waking me, I wonder what else I did. I forgot to make my salad last night! I did throw some lettuce in a container topped with chicken and scream "FUCK IT that's my damn salad" . Oh and almost forgot to give Bella her antibiotics. Gerr is an essential part of my morning, even when I ask him thirty times to get up.
  • I am turning into a BOCCE MASTER! ok maybe an actual Bocce Player not master but let me practice more and I'll show you people! Really I had two really good games last night and was super proud of myself. I guess maybe I am made for this game. I'd like to give myself a 
 yes that is a medal. lol. it's a bocce medal and now i'm thinking i should get these for the team! lol. 
  • Hey Californians! Ever have a question or some type of issue with the DMV and you get confused on the site because you can't find squat? Check out DMV-the unofficial DMV guide it's pretty damn cool and they take you step by step through different processes. Purdy awesome if you ask me. :)
  • So what the heck's going on in the Bay Area this weekend-
Treasure Island Flea Market-Saturday if you go to SF fun cheaps, you can get on the guestlist and not have to pay the $10 per person admission fee! I signed us up-just in case Gerr's up for going. They're having a Gnome hunt. BMX bike thing...etc...and it sounds like fun. Printed out my guestlist invite! yahoo.
Off The Grid-need I say more? I think i may order some pizza for my tired dude when he gets home. So i'm skippin that this weekend. 
Obscura Day-sounds's on Saturday and I guess it's not such an Obscure holiday since it's celebrated in over 100 countries. Read all about it here Sounds right up my alley too... hmmm. Part of this Obscura day in San Fran includes Strange Artifacts and hidden wonders: Mysterious walking Tour-looks like fun. hmmm, sounds like this weekend may be a bit more interesting than I originally planned. 
National Parks Week-If you weren't aware well now you are. Gain admission Free to any national park this week. Sunday being the last day...maybe it's time to go for a little walk through Muir Woods....hmmmmm?
  • Ideal on Ideeli-My pick today is the Festival style. There's actually some really cute hippy-esque pieces that weren't too bad. The prices are fair. 
  • Hot on Hautelook-Maria Mare & Mustang, for my sandal friends-$15 bucks for sandals!!! and they're not bad looking!!!
  • I wish I could go home and lay around. that would be super nice. 
  • I would like to add that I do love my dog, very very much. I am one of those responsible pet owners that will go broke, because I made the decision to take care of another life, be it canine, it's still a life. All I need are daily shots to NOT flip out when i look at my credit card balance. sigh. I pay off a thousand bucks, I add a thousand bucks. I know it will get paid off, but drat goshdiggity darn forkin A to mutherunkin heck. ONE DAY I WILL SEE A ZERO BALANCE!! dammit. 
  • So what's for dinner tonight? hmmm, i was thinking a cheeseburger and fries and laying around in my jammies, but chances are I'll eat my leftover pasta stuff which is fine with me. 
  • I have been eating salads for lunch for three days now, today will be day 4. I think I'll weigh myself next week and i'll let you know if i've lost any weight. I think i can take miss Bella on a walk today too, so that should make her happy. 
That's all i got left in my brain for today, i'm afraid i'll deflate like a balloon and you'll find me this limp piece of rubber sitting on the floor. Have a great day!

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