Monday, June 6, 2011

It's just another Manic Monday...

Wow that weekend went fast. sigh.
  • I have an addiction. Underwear and Eye shadow. Ideeli was selling bra and panty sets for about 10 bucks. How could i resist? sigh. Who doesn't love cute panties???? AND Bras????? 
  • Ok, speaking of Ideeli, they have this Omaha Steaks thingy for like 50% off. I've never tried it, but i wonder how good of a deal this is...or if the steaks are delicious.....maybe i should stop shopping. I still have to pay off my credit card. I really should use that as a mantra. well i just changed my mind based on some googling and peoples opinions.. If anyone has anything to say about this company and their beef, please leave a comment. I'm pretty sure for my followers who aren't gmail affiliated you can write an anonymous comment.
  • If you haven't signed up to the centsational savers blogs, she's got some Rite Aid info that will knock your socks off. Here's the link: rite-aid-stock-up-deals-week-of-6511
  • ok logging off ideeli, because i just want to spend money.
  • ok care to cause-important info:First time ever lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender youth summit
  • just for clarification in case anyone is wondering, I'm straight. But I care about people, ALL people. The right to be themselves, to be unique and to love whoever they want. gonna get off my soapbox. 
time to lighten the mood a bit

I found this on google images-little green riding hood is what i call this bundle of cuteness.
I've often wondered how bella would play with a kitten. would it be this cute? or would she think it was a toy she had to destuff....that moved....We have three cats, but all three have pretty much trained her with their claws....
really??? i would be super pissed if someone did this to me. I can't tell what this poor cat is supposed to be. I keep thinking she'll be throwing up gang signs soon....poor kitty.

  • no sock puppets for me this weekend. maybe i could get Gdawg to play with me one day. He gets silly too...
speaking of silliness.
In Poland, spiders or spider webs are common Christmas trees decorations because according to legend, a spider wove a blanket for Baby Jesus. In fact, Polish people consider spiders to be symbols of goodness and prosperity at Christmas.
  •  oh so this weekend i was pretty much a whiz kid in the kitchen. Friday night I made the most delicious french onion soup with cheddar gruyere from Trader Joes-to die for (and yes i said it Valley girl slow), Saturday made some homemade Foccaccia bread-need to add a lot more olive oil next time-and made some chicken and balsamic tomato AND sundried tomato sammiches. Yesterday ate brunch with a girlfriend and ate out for dinner too. I know, bad bad me. Tonight, tortellini in a butter parm sauce, pork chops and yummy broccoli! 
Well I have a lot of stuff to do right now and I want to leave you with something! so this is what i got. I'll be getting a little notebook to keep track of my randomness. That way it doesn't take me two hours to publish this. Love ya!
the Queenijax

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