Thursday, June 9, 2011

I had a good nights sleep.

Now i'd like to go back to bed. But first!!!
  • Remember I bought tickets from Living social for my mom and grandma to go to Cirque du Soleil? Well, they didn't double charge me-the amount is still pending so I am still waiting for my money to stay in my account. AND i just found out this morning that there is NO gifting allowed per Radio City music Hall. Not Living social's fault, but it would have been nice to know. I would also like to say that the customer service people are AMAZING. Don't email-takes toooo damn long to hear back-just call and you will get an actual human being. I'm so sad now. I have to make it up to them somehow.
  • You learn something new everyday. I have heard about cooling a dog by dampening its' belly with a cool cloth, but i didn't know you could dip their paw in cool, not cold, water. OR using alcohol wipes. Awesome. If you have a doggy get more doggy tips at daily dog tip 
  • oooh forever 21 has stuff for 3.50 cents. so for those of you allowed to shop head over here. I buy my tanktops, dresses, jeans, shoes, know i'm not 21 (i'm 34), but some of the stuff is not just teeny bopper crap and their sales rock. 
  • Soooo, we have a pillowtop mattress, it's pretty tall. We have ONE fitted sheet that just happens to fit it because it's that cotton overstretched material. I am frightened to see how much one fitted sheet costs. I won't even google it. i am scared. I think all strangely sized mattresses should come with a mandatory fitted sheet. 
  • I am repeating my daily mantra "can't shop, can't shop, can't shop" over and over as I am going through my daily hautelook and ideeli sites. I can't help but look and I think it's important to practice window shopping. 
  •  Do you vacuum outdoor rugs? and why would someone pay 400 bucks for an outdoor rug? I don't think i need to explain myself here.
  • it's time do the hair this weekend. The grays and white are taking over the top of my head and i'm feeling aged. I think when that happens it automatically gives you wrinkles. 

  •  I think i found a new book to add to my collection
 read the review on, i think the F word sells it to me personally. :)
  • dance baby, dance...

Attention youtube people of the world-NO ONE wants to see you dance like Fergie, unless you are Fergie OR you're being funny. If you're 13 and you're throwing your "rump" around like it's something special, FYI you look ridiculous.

  • lol...Vanilla Ice is on my ipod. Listening to Ice, Ice baby. 
  • I love reading errors of spelling mistakes like this 

The Best Gift for Your Baby - Write the Dairy for Your Child

dairy...or did you mean DIARY....

over and out peeps! have a great day!

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