Monday, June 13, 2011


Mew is what kittens say. Meow is what cats say. Guess who's got kittens? Two adorable kitties!
yes!!! Meet Sprite (female white and black) and Indie (male tiger kitty). These cute siblings will be available for adoption in a while. I'd like to get them fixed before they get adopted, but if i can find someone who will take them both (they're just too funny together) and are responsible pet people, then I'll hand them over after the tests are done. They were on this gorgeous property with 25 cats. Seemed like these cats picked this family because it was definitely the place to be. These two babies were treated with flea stuff and hopefully todays dewormer will clear that up. They're oodles of fun!!
  • I want to be smarter. lol. I want a better vocabulary. Ever just hang out with friends and the only words you can or want to use are "cool", "yup", "uh huh" etc....well check out they have a word a day everyday. So practice today's word: Kvell. to be proud or to beam. it's yiddish and that's the weeks theme. Should be interesting. :)
  • Don't you hate it when you call or text your significant other and you get no response. My bestie and i were having a convo about that and let me tell you I was not kvelling about these insensitive partners and their lack of returning phone calls.  (yup I used the word kvell)
  • I really don't like Mondays. I'm really not a fan. I can't even get into this monday groove. Hurry up lunch time because i'd really like to leave work...
  • You know what's better than having to work on a Monday???? Getting to work and nobody acknowledging your Hi's, until you say it 4 times. I think we were all feeling the Monday blues.
  • HI! ok this will make you happy. I think I will be making this tonight. Because I NEED to feel good. :) and i will be hiking tomorrow....chocolate-chip-cookie-pie The ladies on this site are absolutely amazing. I will be worshipping, I mean visiting their site on a daily basies to get more dessert and well anything ideas. 
  • At the moment I'm over thinking something that someone told me about vaxing animals. The kittens are at the vet and i get a call from the friend who took her and she's quizzing me about my other cats. One of them is about 3 years old and got all of his shots. We had to since we found him at 3 weeks and was infested with fleas. We actually introduced him to my cats at two months after everything was kosher. Ofcourse she wants all this proof and stuff and now i have to find it. The real issue is that my older cats haven't been vaxed in years. They're older and probably should get up to date on two of the vaxes, but really i'm not worried. As in humans and the animal kingdom there are some vaccines that they should definitely get, but others think about it. For example, an indoor cat does not need a yearly rabies vax-roll eyes here. My cats probably should get that. Anywhoo there are a lot of different views on these things and well I'll take my friends point of view and process it, but at the end of the day I have to decide what to do with these little ones. I'm thinking of calling the Humane society and seeing what they can do or if they would like me to foster them until they're healthy enough to get fixed. Really they will be the best at handling this, while my heart will break if i have to deal with splitting them up.'s a hard day.
  • wow, sorry everyone. Just in a bit of a funk. These two kitties are weighing heavy in my heart. Also feeling a bit judged and well that doesn't help either. 
Sorry i wasn't very funny today.
love the queenijax

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