Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy Hump day!

Good day buddies! lol.
and away we gooooo.
  • I read a thread yesterday about BBQ etiquette and thought I'd share. If you throw a BBQ make sure to let the people know what you will be making. Let them decide if they want to come. If you're invited to a BBQ do not expect to receive any special treatment if you're a picky eater, just make sure to bring something you'd like grilled. Also ALWAYS bring something to the get together, it's considerate. :)
  • My supermarket (Safeway) has the tastiest tomato bisque. I neeeeed to find a delicious not too sweet tomato soup recipe. If anyone has any ideas, please leave me a comment. I must add, I am NOT afraid of making it from scratch, but need a better blender since mine is the devil. 
  • ok...i saw this today and almost wet myself. frugal in WV (this link will take you to the most delicious thing I have read today). I NEED to try this ASAP...ok maybe this weekend!!!!
  • Last night GDawg and I went to a baseball game. The A's and the Yankees....we took some pics, but they're not uploaded. The Yanks made my night!!!! here's a pic of Jeter, because he's a hottie. 

uhm..yeah, stare at that for a while...
do i even have any male readers? probably
  • If you haven't joined well then go and do it. It's free and the deals that come through are amazing. They have family deals too. Like today in my area for kids 2 months worth of book delivery for 15 bucks. I think that's amazing, plus children should definitely read more. I enjoyed being read to when i was young. There were definitely some bonding moments with my mom and I'll never forget them. 
  • This weekend I taught my dog how to find a glove. I rubbed the glove on my neck and made her smell the glove, while saying "glove", then treated her. I did this over and over about 7-8 times. I then hid the glove and said "find the glove". My brilliant Pup did it!!! My friend came over and hid it for me in another room without pre-treating her and she found it right away. Amazing. This is great for all dogs. Get that nose working. Most dogs can play a version like this with food. It's called hide and seek. Don't let your dog turn into a couch potato. Since my pup is on restrictions due to her surgery, i have to keep that brain alert. 
  • hmmm what's for dinner tonight? That's one of my favorite questions. And my answer is a Pork Shoulder baked in the oven and pasta tossed in garlic, mushrooms olive oil and parmesan. yummy.
  • i officially blame my pal Danette for my need to munch on 

 And that is the end of today's broadcast. have a wonderful day!!!
the Queenijax

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