Tuesday, May 31, 2011

i'm back and not awake yet.

Wow, that was actually a good weekend. I need to wake up though and catch up here. I have a lot of blogs to read too!!!
So let's get to it.
  • This is really important for all dog owners. Buy some sunscreen for your dogs if they're sun bathers. My poor dog got a sunburn from laying out and I didn't even think of getting some sunscreen. Poor pup was all pink on her belly and her nose. I didn't realize dogs can get sun induced skin tumors and ofcourse I definitely don't want that for Bella.  Please please please, remember to apply sunscreen to your dog if the sun is hot and they have light hair on their bellys, pink noses, white faces or ears...They rely on  you to protect them in ever situation. DO NOT use any sunscreen with zinc oxide. 
  • ugh..ok I'm staring at this and i just don't get it. The fox is playing tricks on me. Don't you just love optical illusions???
  • I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. Us, northern Californians had mixed weather the entire time. Sunny, rainy, cloudy, windy, breezy, cold, hot, warm...I think we felt it all. To enjoy our schizophrenic weather I bought a patio set. My gal pal and I set it up. Great deal-79 bucks for a 5 peice patio set at Bed Bath & Beyond. I think I know why they're cheap, compare to the chairs outside stacked on top of eachother reading 129 bucks or so...Putting these items together takes TIME and these are in a box with lots of bolts, screws, and those other round circular thingys. Let's just say, we did it and we did it right! :)
  • So i was using my hi-liter and i was thinking "hmm, i wonder who invented this lovely bright neon item that helps me focus in on the important items on this page?" The answer was pretty lame

In 1962 the first felt-tip pen was invented in Japan by Yukio Horie. The Avery Dennison Corporation trademarked the name Hi-Liter 

 I guess i imagined some elaborate story about the hi-liter being invented by some students or something...but alas that was not the case. Thank you Cha Cha

    • i'd like to link all of you (or some of you, not sure how many people read me) to the centsationalsaver she has couponing stuff, discount information on goodies, and is currently following Dave Ramsey's program so you can learn alot on this site! check it out. So i checked out the costume discounters (go to the blog and you'll see what i'm talking about) and found a costume I want, but i don't use twitter. dammit...and i can't get on facebook until i'm at home. So if anyone is feeling nice, please buy me this.

    • ok. well my bullet point apparently is invisible.  So I made this YUMMMY salad yesterday with leftover london broil. Remember, I am not one of those peeps that tells ya cup measurements-I say taste as you go.  Ok, get your leftover steak, warm it up. Have some Bush's black beans, because really that's the only way to go-they're tasty and warm up seperately. chop your romaine lettuce and put into bowl. In seperate bowl mix half the jar of salsa with about equal amount of ranch dressing, stir remember taste!!! Add corn, red onion, green peppers, tomatoes, avocado, toasted tortilla strips (i left out some of these items because we had some picky eaters last night) and toss all together with dressing. Add meat and toss. lay dry beans on top of the salad and if you have some spanish cheese like queso fresco or cotija cheese definitely crumble. NUMMY.

    wow. bullet point 

    • this is what little bunny foo foo looks like. So remember that when you sing the song to your kids.....k.....

    • need something new to watch????? check out blue-collar-dogs. the show will definitely touch your heart. and it's amazing what our pups can if i can teach the cats something new, that would be amazing. 

    • Every house needs board games. It's amazing how much fun we had this weekend with Scattergories and smart ass board game. it was definitely fun. make sure your home as lots of games. They make you social, surprise people with your wit and intelligence, and provide lots of smiles all around. Doesn't matter how old you are either and that's what i love about games. If you're up to the challenge, get it's out there, but so much fun. 

      Ok well I've said so much already! lol. enjoy and i'll be here tomorrow!!!

      the queenijax



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