Monday, May 16, 2011

Thank you followers!

I have two!!! I feel so special. you ladies rock my world. LOL. So it's a gloomy monday over here in NorCal. And so I must let my freak flag fly and update some randomness here.
  • I just finished reading a thread where people were announcing their age and how many sex partners they had. Let's just say I feel like a whore, but not really. Just trying to figure out how many people can go up to age 25 and NOT had sex? Really???? were you a nerd in high school? I guess for some it's the whole religion thing and i get it. But for other women, really? (head cocked to the side, with very confused expression) shrug...i just don't get it, but I am not here to judge.
  • Speaking of judgement...isn't that this upcoming saturday? is it going to happen???? or is it going to fizzle and fuzz like Y2K? I guess this is different since it's like the whole bible thing and not electronics and stuff...I'm interested in finding out, so I'll be here saturday. AF (aunt flo) probably will too, so that should be great and very uncomfortable. hmm. 
  • oh my golly, look what i found retro red dress! tooooo cute! but 100 bucks? I have about three retro dresses and the best part about these dresses is they fit and fit well and accentuate curves that you didn't think you had. wish i had a store around me that I could try this on. need 100 buckaroonies though. how sad. Check the site out. Even if this may not be your style, they have some adorable things on there that you may find yourself liking.
  • resolve family act 2011  I just got this in my email ( i hope it works) please sign it, spread the word. IVF should be affordable for everyone. Please.please. please.
winnie the pooh. :)
  • in my honest opinion, dentyne Ice lasts a really long time. My mouth is super fresh. 
  • ok, i'm random, but this person is way smarter with their randomness. check it out.
  • oooh i've never heard of the Anchisaurus have you??? well maybe you should! Aww it was like a dog sized mammal that probably hopped around like a kangaroo and scientists originally thought it was early human. Besides spelling hopped-hoped, looks like a cute site. Plus if you're gonna have kids or want to appear intelligent, maybe learning about these prehistoric beasts would be you know, something to do?
how to train your dragon. Loved the movie so much that i watched it twice yesterday. :)
  • i could really use some starbucks right about now. it's 3:30 and i'm starting to get sleeeeeepy.
  • i just ate a reese's peanut butter cup. it didn't help, but it was damn delicious.
  • do you like feeling smart? Do you like contributing to those less fortunate than you? Well then go here
  • Also WTF!!!??? I got my tetanus shot maybe 3 weeks ago, my arm had hurt for about 4-5 days. I woke up with the same area feeling sore. (super sad face, about to cry whaa.)
  • And ofcourse for the love of dogs, click here and see how you can help save a life.
  • i really wish we could have planted some stuff in our garden this year, but Gdawg has been too busy with work. So that means, no fresh tomatoes, green peppers, zucchini etc...wish we could plant some yellow onions. I use a lot of those.
I may be back in a bit, but i hope you kids have fun now. lots of love, 
the queenijax

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