Friday, May 20, 2011


let's just start now...
  • Ok, i just saw an ad for teeth whitening and the girls face is super tan and her teeth look like they'll glow in the dark without a black light.  Who thinks of these ads???  Naturally teeth will look brighter the darker you are, but sorry not attractive at all. Actually it made me want to close the tab. bleh.
  • hehehe...Sprayology has a PMS support spray. WTF? i probably could use that.  it claims to take cramps away too. PMS support 
  • I'm friggin tired. i could have snoozed for a couple of hours.
  • $1 flip flops at Old navy tomorrow. They're not exactly my cup of tea, but i may get a pair since they're a buck and sometimes you need crappy flip flops.
  • Today at work they will be installing office 2007. Currently i have 97. hehehe. I hate the newer versions of excel and windows, but since my excel programs keep crashing i think it's time to convert. i'm waiting patiently for my transition. if i suddenly leave, i don't really hate you. lol.
  • Swing life away click it. do it. listen to it. melt your heart. it always melts mine. 

look it's a panda!
  • You know what sucks? When you have to work, but your significant other, your best friend and his girlfriend are all off. yup. effin sucks. 

  • I like rubber duckies. I have two on my desk, i have one on my dash, and three in the bathroom. yup it exists...they've got some cool ones. mine are nowhere as cool as some of these.
  • Every couple of months i check the USGS website to see how "active" we are in California. Check it out. 
Ok i think that's enough for today. have a great day and I hope to pop on here this weekend and spread some more randomness.

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