Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm so excited!!!! I'm about to lose control and I think i like it...

That's a really long title...Oh well. I have tomorrow off!!! and Monday!!! I get to sleep in ALL weekend!!! Thank Golly miss molly...
  • ok two things from ONE website. Check out zenplease there's a lot of interesting things about the mind and body. need to feel more zenful, it may help you out a bit. ok next bullet point
  • i googled "what to do on your day off" just to get more options since i'll have 4 days off after today!! Check the 20 things to do by zenplease here. i'll be doing 2, 5, 8 and 13. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and it will be sunny and warm. Maybe a BBQ or some lay out in the sun time. hmmm and/or watercoloring...
  • Ok i sorta watercolor. I'm not that great. Let's just say instead of a kindergartner I am now a 5th grade artist. here's a great site that goes through EVERYTHING you need and how to start. watercolor tips
  • why does the air conditioner at work emit a smelly feet smell???? grossness
  • I'm beginning to wonder if Gdawg and I have clashing taste. He brings home the "eh-est" things (say it slowly and add a shrug to the eh). I bought these with no lid, now i feel jipped.

he brought home these or something like it...

except the ones i have say soup. 
I guess i'm too modern, but whatever now i have like 10 bowls. lol uhm, yeah you want some of this:

I will be making some soon...this is not my picture by the way, but it's what you get when you go searching for crocks. I like this pic because right now your mouth is looks delicious doesn't it?
fairytale-french-onion-soup- this blog looks amazing.....
  •  ok, i have some mommies and soon to be mommies who read this, so i want to share some links from a friend when she was preggers of things she wanted. 
for the alternative, punk rock baby, check out punkymonkeykids at ecrater. they've got some adorable onesies.
Psychobaby  they've got shirts you can personalize, toys, swaddling blankets, band onesies, tshirts etc. It's got everything.
Jaminga is where i'll probably stock up on skullwear for my kid. they even sell maternity clothes!! seriously cute punk rock stuff. Even the travel wipe bags have funky designs. Can't wait to be a cool mom one day! lol. The prices are a bit high, but some things like the diaper bag and stuff i think i would want to tote around coolness are worth the price.
Myretrobaby ok serious cuteness. They have trendy stuff and it's not so "punky". They have decor, clothing, gift sets, bedding, theme type's a nice site. check it out.
Pretty awesome sites. I'll look some more stuff up, because I like the less trendy type of items, BUT i also like good deals. Some of this stuff is on the pricey side, but your baby is worth  it!
  • I like to write something about some type of rescue or pitbull website or whatever in these blogs, because we all need to become more aware of these dogs and their potential rather than feeding to the fear of the media and stories of untrained animals. Check out this WONDERFUL site. The animal farm foundation is amazing. I want to adopt one of their, i want a doggy and kitty farm ASAP!
Ok, well with that i leave you and I make check in this weekend and write who knows what. I may actually share a watercolor with you since well I told you i was a fifth grade artist. Will you be handing out gold stars???? anywhoo, have a safe memorial day weekend.
lots of love,
the Queenijax


Frugal in WV said...

Thanks for the comment and for following my blog following you back. Love your tattoos, I have two, one of which my mom designed (she lived vicariously through me) :) Your post made me want to make soup, that might be what I make for dinner this weekend!

Jacky aka Queenijax said... who doesn't love soup!!! Glad you stopped by. I'll be looking forward to reading your blog!!!! :)

Centsational Saver said...

I'm stopping by from the blog hop. Thanks for participating. I'm curious where you are in WV? I'm in Wheeling. I love all the random thoughts in your post. It was fun to read. I'm a follower now.

Jacky aka Queenijax said...

Aw thank you so much! actually i'm in California, but Frugal looks like they're in WV! thank you so much for following!! I truly enjoy writing this blog.