Saturday, May 21, 2011

What a relief!

WE'RE ALIVE! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have survived rapture and unless we're damned so is the rest of the world. (insert eye roll here). Ok now that it's over, can we get back to normal. Seriously people. Let's get to the randomness.
  • live rapture coverage check here
  • went shopping today, but i couldn't find mason jars which are like the new black. I want to throw my cups away (or store them) and buy into this fad . the mason jars I linked you too are a bit expensive, but i sorta like the rooster.
  • if you're looking for patio lounge chairs, i saw this one at Ross for 50 bucks. I really want two, but they only had one. sniff sniff.
  • If you have a dog, check here to see if you can get that pup certified.
  • Also, have you seen the show My cat from hell . Good show, but what i've learned so far is that ALL cats need high places to perch and watch people. The cat whisperer does pretty well with these frisky felines. Too bad i think the solution is pretty much the same every show. 
  • Ever wondered how to make thousand island dressing, click on the link. I think that's the closest to what most people are used to. I personally wouldn't use sweet relish, but a finely chopped pickle should be just as delicious. 

puppy cuteness...enjoy.

Alrighty, i must leave you now. More stuff to come. I'm making some homemade strawberry shortcake, so I gotta get that ready.
the Queenijax

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