Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gray Day.

I was so busy yesterday that i couldn't log on to make a new post. But i'm here today. It's pretty gray out and slightly misting-ok it's rain, but soft rain?
i may color this later....stay tuned. I feel like Eeyore. The last couple of days, the pain in my neck has made me pretty down. funny how pain can do that to you. But I'm in the mood to be happy aren't you?
  • ooh, i love how this site explains winnie the pooh. He's my favorite disney character and i have all of the books. This is the reason why people of all ages can read the books and get something deeper out of the stories. :)

  • My brain feels so fried...
  • i don't want to dance for inspiration today. 
  • by golly, i'm like gloom and doom today, aren't i?
  • hmm good to know I'm at the resistance stage. Relationships are fun aren't they?
  • mmm, all of a sudden i want some fresh bread that only I could make!!! let us save this one!!! French Bread
  • ok a lot of people ask, Why do dogs get hiccups well go here for the answer, it's a vetblog!!! I almost forgot i had that. well never forget AGAIN!
  • ok, so i'm browsing and yes i linked you to paper towels, because I'm appalled that paper towel holders are 20 bucks! WTF. Anywhoo, trying to find some cool looking storage kitchen thingamabob and i need a paper towel holder, but i think i need to go to Ross for that.
  • oooh for super cool sweatshirts and t's that you won't find anywhere else, check out Lowbrow Art Company
  • Irritating things...i hate when people say "i could care less" it's "couldn't care less", supposedly is not supposably, also HEIGHTH is not a measurement like width, it's HEIGHT!!!!! when you look it up it's a nonstandard spelling of you see meow????
  • Still thinking of Disneyland. It is MY Happiest place on earth and i want to go now. like this minute. sigh. 
Ok if i have more to add later I'll return. otherwise enjoy!

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