Friday, May 13, 2011

meow meow meow.

I keep telling my cats that they've been around me long enough and have lived in this country long enough to speak human. I still get meows. WTF.

I want a burrito
my bullet points apparently don't want to work, so I have to deal with it. BOOOO on blogger. still pissy about losing my blog. just not right. boo. I'm also pissed because I WANT THINGS! AND I can't seem to copy the picture to show anyone and I can't afford them. money's tight. sigh. these beautiful things are through this link here
  •  i want the red sequin dress-Every woman should have a gown of some kind. I don't care if you go and eat fried chicken on friday night at the local diner, you should still own an "I feel pretty" gown. the dress is like 60 bucks and they're out of stock. how friggin sad. I did ask to be on the waiting list for the black sequin gown....i like that one too.
  • Hello Betsey Johnson black and pink wedges. You would look lovely on my feet. Why are you not on my feet? and why are you 90 bucks??? Why don't i have the 90 bucks to spare? oh that's right, because i need gas, groceries and i'm paying off a 2700 vet bill for my dog's most recent TPLO surgery. double sigh. (that reads sigh sigh)
So yesterday a friend and I (dude it smells like skunk? why???) were chatting ALLLLLL day on Yahoo. it was fun, got a lot of conversation in as I multitasked my day away. sometimes it's like medication. Anywho my friend was talking about smileys and she kept inserting emoticons into our convo. (i love emoticons and smileys and all that jazz-too cute-let me show you some random ones!

i should probably stop, but there's a whole page

that doggie better be running-is there a technical problem blogger????

Ok what was i saying...yes yes yesh, my friend and i were talking about emoticons and i said why not just describe your emotion instead of using a picture or a smiley or whatever. So basically our conversation went like this:
*names have been changed to protect the innocent
Marilyn Monroe:LOL (laughing histerically and rolling around on the ground)... that'd be an interesting conversation wouldn't it... (face making a confused look and rubbing chin...) 
Moi:hahaha. but it could be more entertaining ( insert tap dancing penguin) it's called using our imagination (castle on top of a cloud in a thought bubble above a small child with a grin on her face)
ok so you get the drift. This probably will help our world become better at writing, i think. We're too lazy when we write to one another. I h8 that. u know? sux. i b rt bk. Let's become smarter, not dumber. k? sure the pics are cute, but if you're happy SAY IT! describe your happiness, become one with the eloquent you!!!!
  • i want muffins or pie. I think tomorrow i'm making some blueberry muffins. And I would also like a margarita. Probably virgin, because Gdog wants some too. (Gdog, is the significant other, the hetero partner in crime.  mmm blueberry muffins blueberry muffin blog post thing.. i need to check it out. if you have to write a blog about an amazing muffin, than I will follow your recipe! 
alright, i'm impressed, i've covered a lot so far. and i hope you've enjoyed your stay. Lot's of love 
the Queenijax.

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