Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hives on a Sunny day

You read that right I woke up to a red throat and I just noticed that I have this big ole hive on my chest. I don't know why so itchy!!!!! but I'm not itching it...promise. wish i could take some benadryl but i get super sleepy on it.
  • I sometimes wish i had a super easy email address like, so easy. sigh.
  • For all my mommy friends, check out and yes, i'm a weenie and i added my personal invite so that i can make money off you. I'd do the same for you. lol. it's free. but i keep seeing the greatest deals on baby stuff and super cute things that i hope you never have to pay full price for. Today there are some strollers and stuff so please check it out. Unsure of the company's and safety ratings but you should check them out and do some research. If i could help save someone money then i'm happy. 
  • i admit, maybe this rash, may be from starting the depakote last night...but i've taken it for years before so i'm just going to get through this.
  • what's for dinner this evening? oh dang it, i forgot to defrost something. I am thinking it's a chicken night...but hmmmmm, what will i do wizzz zee chickahn!!!!
  • what is my infatuation with eye shadow. I was on hautelook...i caved....oh well, the colors are awesome!
  • here's a great site about appetizers. Seems like she lives and breathes appetizers. I feel like having a party just for hors d'ouevres. mmm...never run out of ideas again!
Amen Cathy...who the hell thought those shoes were a good idea???????? 
  •  I have never played flashlight tag but i am determined that before the summer ends, my neighbors and I will embark on popping my flashlight tag cherry. it's gotta be fun for adults too, you know? And remember i don't care how old you are, ALWAYS be a child at heart. 
  • i am still itchy.... so sad. 
  • OH MY. i googled Live kittens, because I thought it would be cute to watch kittens doing funny kitten things and ofcourse i found some kitten cams, but there is a whole directory of different webcams-like dmv webcams? church webcams? (which actually may be interesting to watch since Rapture is on Saturday and all) anywhoo here's the link to that and you know, if you find alligators cute you can watch those i guess as well.  this will take you to the cat webcams, but the other options are on the right. So random....
  • HAHAHAHAHAHA...ok I've had the following link on my bookmarks for a long time and I'll visit the page a couple of times a year just to see what these looney people are up to. So i did today and they have a group pictures...oh gosh you just need to visit will explain itself.
  • Ack, there are  WEDGES! ON FOREVER 21! WHAT THE HELL!!!I cannot shop, even though the floral ones are so cute and about 60 bucks LESS than the Betsey johnson wedges I saw earlier this week, remember???? sigh...what to do...ok...well if i have enough to spare tomorrow, i may just buy myself this little treat. i really really shouldn't...i probably won't...who needs more shoes right?? (pouting)
  • because you're all dying to know. Today is a hike day. Unless it decides to start raining, then no it's a go home day. These buns need firming i tell it better not frickin rain.
  • There are a couple of foods one should not make while at work, because it is UNFAIR to other employees.
    1. Toast. this smell just reminds people of home and breakfast and brunch and diners(not dinners, this is not a type) and well, if you can't share, don't make any.
    2. Bacon. What the heck? why are you bringing bacon to work? and why are you not sharing this either ??????It's like toast, but bacon is the international peace food. You could probably stop gang violence, war, divorce...etc...
    3. Fish. Don't ever heat this up. The smell is just disgusting and makes me want to puke. Why would you reheat seafood in a microwave??? bleh...i think i feel sick.
  • Tim McIlrath is yummy.
and that's the end of today's program. Sorry not too many pictures today, a little more reading to exercise the brain. lol. 
love ya
the Queenijax

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