Friday, May 13, 2011

Thank you Blogger...

I guess my first post is gone. The page got deleted somehow and i lost it all. how sad.  I had one follower. How special am i???? humph. Alright let the random ruckus begin.

On my first post I wrote about the random tree. When someone says something random, pick a piece of air and hand it to them. trust me. it's cute.

random things i love:

she even writes about her dogs with canine accuracy. who doesn't love that?????

  • speaking of canines: say hello to Bella!

  • the other day i included the pregnancy tester. so here's the link to that. It's pretty exciting. it can detect your pregnancy, the father of your child and the awful name you gave it. enjoy!

    • Who loves music??? i do! i do! i love bands that stand for something and rock at the same time. Check out Rise Against. 
    • I also included a great blog about the Michael Vick Dogs. hate Michael Vick, but I love me the pits. It is guaranteed to warm your heart. 
    •  eh i wrote something about carmex and how much i loved it. but now i just shrug about it. 
    Well since this was kinda what my first post looked like. I'm going to make it my first entry and come back for some more randomness in a bit. 


      Jana and Judson said...

      Love the randmoness... sounds like most of my days... they seem random!

      J said...

      thanks sweets. my brain is actually a very fun place to be! more to come! i promise!