Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer lovin, had me a blast....

Ok so i just received an email from Gilette and the heading said "Don't let wetness ruin your game." Am i the only person who found this phrase peculiar and a bit, i dunno embarrassing. Nevertheless, i deleted it. Unless they're offering me free razors, what's the point of opening it. alright here we go...what's on my mind today....
  • ack, how am i out of ideas for dinner???? We had a roasted chicken last night with the BOMB gravy. Gravy is delicious and should be its own food group. Contemplating sharing my recipe....but maybe i'll keep you waiting until Thanksgiving. but ok, well i have chicken left over and I'm not sure what to make tonight. Pasta? Salad? bleh...drawing blanks...what is up with that???? My creative juices are dry. I guess the wetness ain't ruinin my game. 
  • Holy moly. It's already the end of the month??? How can it be??? where is time going and why do i feel like i haven't had a vacation in years????? Had to check and NOPE I have not taken any vacation days this year. So i still have two weeks and the year is almost halfway over. I am needing disneyland in a baddddd way!!! GDawg took me 3 years ago on our 10 day road trip vacation that was HEAVEN. then we went the year after that and last year we took Memphis. This year we have a new addition to our triangle- what should I call her...hmmm must think of a pretty code name. lol. should i trust disneyland to take care of Bella while we go through the park???? hmmmmm...something to think about. but i think i've been bitten by the dinneyland bee. i want to go right now!
  • Ok i have a lot of friends that don't drink alcohol. Let's admit that summer drinks are always yummier with a splash of alcohol. lol. well if you can't drink or you're like me and choose not to drink, what can you do to spice up your water and make it more DELISH????? Well, here are a couple of options: 
fruity sodas-get some berries (any berry), lemon juice, sugar, a little salt and add some club soda, 
stir and smush, stir and smush (make sure sugar is absorbed)!! strain into a new glass with some ice 
and voila you have a fruity cocktail of your very own. 
Lemonade -1 3/4 cups white sugar, 8 cups water, 1 1/2 cups lemon juice-boil water and sugar until dissolved, add lemon juice and let sit for a while. taste after a couple of hours. 
Iced Tea -Fill a container with 4 cups of cold water, preferably filtered. Place 6 bags or 6 teaspoons of tea and cover or cap lightly. Place in the refrigerator for 8 hours. Remove bags or strain and serve over ice. Add some lemon and/or sugar based on taste. I would do that at the 4 hour mark. 
  • i just found this recipe and i snagged it! lol enjoy this may work with the leftover chicken, but not sure if gdawg will be up to eating just this as the main dish...this is definitely a side!

8 oz corkscrew or spiral pasta
¼ cup mayonnaise
¾ cup Italian dressing
2 cups chopped cooked rotisserie chicken
1 cup cubed Muenster or Monterey Jack cheese
12 strips crisp-cooked bacon, crumbled
1 avocado, cubed
1 cup each chopped celery and green bell pepper
8 oz cherry tomatoes, cut in half
Cook and drain the pasta according to the package directions and rinse it with cold water. In a large bowl, pour a small a mount of the Italian dressing into the mayonnaise and whisk to incorporate, then whisk in the remaining dressing. Stir in the pasta and the remaining ingredients.
  • By the way, i must add my deep dislike of Miracle whip. And must tell people NEVER use miracle whip if you're making stuff for a bunch of people. Bleh, ruins the tastebuds in my mouth. Use real mayonnaise or make something else. 
  • Tattttoooooos. Since my dear friend said something about having a stargazer lily tattoo and i said i have one too, i will share a pic of it.

This pic was taken right after it was done. i love my tattoo artist and if anyone is ever in the Chico area looking to get a tattoo, call the shop and make an appt. you will not be dissatisfied. first love tattoo
i just did a search to see what i could find and I found my on a blog. her blog is pretty interesting too check out her photography and blog
Ok i need to work...oh wait i promised more you go, you get one wave today. look for the fishies!

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