Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Blues...

Well it's sunday. I did everything i needed to do yesterday and now I have many hours to do laundry. yahoo.

oh the randomness begins:
  •  reading about Henry VIII and his queens is quite interesting. I love the tudors but actually reading about them is amazing. Way too dramatic and I imagine I'd rather have been some peasant far far away from the castle than being part of court. Too many decapitations for my taste. 
  • "What do you think i have down there a gnome?" 
  • Some skincare products are pretty expensive, but the easiest way to achieve smooth, firm skin is by using an egg white face lift which reminds me i should probably do one later on today. My face feels amazing after it. 
  • I could eat lava cakes every night of my life, but then i'd probably wind up weighing 500 lbs. 
  • It's good to talk to your parents once a week if they live far away. :) need to do that today.
  • Pictures are pretty.

yup that's bella wearing my knee highs. Who else is going to wear them? LOL.
  • cute designs from my friend Dominic, check it out. dinosaur factory
  • i think it's time for some breakfast-eggs and leftover rice and beans. yum. 
yeah, i'm not too interesting today. oh well. enjoy some of the links and i'll be back tomorrow.

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