Thursday, May 19, 2011

Low down dirty shame.

I'm kinda feeling blue today, so I definitely need to be here to lift my spirits. I'm in need for something funny. so let's get to it.

what happens when you type "funny stuff" into google...what do we get? is it really funny?
  • we've got funny junk, videos, pictures...and GAMES! I can't visit it. it's blocked at work. seems like a place that would entertain me. but i cannot seeeee it. :( feeling sadder by the way.
  • we go:

sorry I was interrupted...let us continue....

ok now i'm bored with that.
I'm really not that interesting today. so maybe i'll just leave it with that. I'll try to have more fun things to talk about tomorrow. you know i can't be entertaining all the time. But if i get a hair up my ass, i'll come back. :)

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Just the three of us! said...

LOL the last one made me laugh!!:)