Friday, May 20, 2011

the rapture craze

Just in case you haven't heard tomorrow is Judgement day, according to some looney Evangelist....
check out these random sites:
  • because Fido is important. petcare 
  •  smartphone apps to try before the rapture really??? 
  • he looks too happy for it to be the end of the world...and he reminds me of the freaky preacher guy in poltergeist read about the guy 
  •  i wonder how many people are gonna listen to Blondie's Rapture 
well i guess we'll just see what happens. I just hope that whole Zombie thing doesn't really happen. Although   zombieland MAY help us through this. Make sure you get an app for that, k? download all the rules. And we'll see if we're here next week. k?

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