Tuesday, June 14, 2011

*Hitting head on desk a lot....*bonus*****

I seem to have plenty of these days and it gets worse during the summer. I feel like i'm clawing to escape the confines of my work area and reach the sun. I feel like this guy:

Let me out dammit. I have a couple of hours until i get off work. i have a tiny stack of work papers relaxing in front of me, I wish they were comfier so I can use them as a pillow. I did have a sec to draw this:

i am hoping with a little practice I will be able to perfect my snakes and dinosaurs. I think this is my first dinocorn in a scarf, i'm impressed.

  • hmm i need tortillas. I think a shopping trip is in order.  Tortillas, half n half, coffee. wait. chocolate chips, a regular pie crust.....ok that's it. i think....
  • ooooh the other night i was watching My So Called Life. Please tell me we didn't "like" talk "like" that with....sooooo, jordan catalano was sexy sultry cutey man. Plus I feel like i've grown up with the dude. Hey cutie:

the end.

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Marisa said...

I love him. He's still super hot. He's got a band 30 Seconds to Mars. Decent music, I really watch the videos for him. I love your Dinocorn. It's awesome! And I hope we didn't talk like that either. Like Totally!