Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's the first day of Summer!!!!

Are we ready for the longest day of the year???? I hope so. I think it's definitely grilling time!
  • Yesterday was sooo HOT. I came home and couldn't accept the cooking idea. Lucky for me, my friend  Steph and I ate out and then had icecream. Sometimes you gotta splurge a little when it's too hot to be indoors. So reminder to all of you. If your area is hot, go out and eat. :) you deserve it. 
  • Tonight may be a grilling night or a salad night. I have some leftover BBQ chicken breasts from Sunday and I'm thinking a salad with Ranch dressing, some fresh corn, carrots...or I can make chicken sammiches...or a chicken BBQ salad with mayo and tapatio sauce. Yes people I'm already thinking about dinner and it's 9:30 in the morning. I'm twisted. 
  • Guess what i get to do??? Guess, come on Guess...just kidding, like you could guess. I get to shop for a dress. My friends are getting married in October and well it's never too early to shop for a pretty dress right??? I'll let you know what pretty stuff i find.
  • Holy Banana's with Breasts. kitchen sale on ideeli....this is NOT fair. 
  • ok we've all heard about Ryan Dunn's death. Pretty sad when anyone dies. Rest in Peace Radical man.
read more here
  • aw penguin takes wrong turn and winds up in Zealand. video and story here.
  • i forgot to put on
  • Remember the kitties that i was taking care of and gave to a coworker? Well I got the cutest picture yesterday. We made the perfect choice. Look at the kittens and their new mommy dog. 

yes perfect home. perfect family. and i'm so happy.
  • how about a random Little Big Town video....

alrighty ladies and's about that time. Have a great day!!!!

P.S. please check out this link from Pinups for pitbulls here

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