Monday, November 26, 2012

And we're back... was so nice to have 4 days off in a row, but man oh man, what i would give for 4 more.  Maybe next year! I sure do love coming in to a bunch of emails though...NOT....hmph...can't people wait to email me when i'm here?...that way i can answer their questions quickly? I don't like coming in to a whole bunch of emails. Stresses me out...

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!! Mine was good. The food was AMAZING! Our turkey was perfect...completely perfect. The juiciest turkey I have ever tasted. I think I'll be brining every year! There was flavor in every bite and it wasn't super salty. Just good tasting turkey!!! Melinda, my partner in crime, outdid herself too! It just felt like the perfect Thanksgiving meal.

Were you out and about on Black Friday? i went straight to Forever 21, tried on everything i wanted to and wound up buying 200 bucks worth of clothing. Yup. I did. Everything that was on sale was an extra 50%off and some items were 30% off. I feel like i'm ready for the season. I also bought Gerry's big gift; The Samsung Galaxy S3. IT looks AWESOME! So, he is taken care of-Don't worry he'll be getting lots of little things, because I love him so....I have a friend i need to buy a present for and my mother and grandma. Keeping my eyes out today since it's Cyber Monday and all!

thank you Cyber Monday-one present bought! woohoo!

Guess what I'm having for lunch? And guess what i ate yesterday for lunch and dinner? TURKEY SOUP! I cooked that carcass until it created the yummiest broth/stock/soup...mmmmm.....

Bella's sick...or something...Allergic reaction to who knows what...She's itching at her poor face. We had to take her to the Emergency Vet twice this weekend. Saturday night they gave her a steroid shot and last night she puked twice and off we went to get a benadryl shot. Today she's at the vet's office so they can monitor her. I don't want her to puke, although she didn't eat breakfast this morning so she may not puke....Gerry heard her dry heaving sometime this morning, although it could have been one of the cats now that i think of it.  We're going to have an allergy test done, I think...I'll know more later.

Trail mix is evil...nom nom nom.. except those big raisins remind me of prunes and i feel nauseous when i start chewing on them.

If you didn't do so this weekend, well you should have... you should have gone to Best Buy or any electronic store and hit up their deals....there were some good ones. We bought a blu-ray, which I am ashamed to admit is an amazing player-I was always a believer of the DVD players. The clarity is just astounding. We also bought a dvd recorder, since i have about a zillion movies i'd like on dvd(home movies, band stuff, vhs movies).  Score for me!!!

Can you believe it's almost December???? I can't. This year is almost over....I feel like i didn't even get an entire year.... Doesn't even feel like Christmas yet. Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer is playing right now and I'm in shock that this country station is actually playing Christmas music...Is it really that time yet? OY! you would think that shopping on Black Friday meant Christmas to me, but it doesn't. I saw it as a huge Sales event....well, let's hope that the Christmas bug bites me sooner than later. We got our tree, but it has yet to be decked with boughs of holly....falalalala..

Need another great idea for Turkey leftovers! How's about Turkey and Mushroom Risotto??? Check it out!!! Bound to be super tasty!

My ring, may be off the shelves at Macy's for good....kinda sad about i feel like i have to start all over.... :( 

Cyber Monday happenings!
Rue La La-Barbara Bixby of a kind unique real pretty jewelry!
Shoe Dazzle-40% all booties and boots
Living Social-Check your livingsocial deals and emails, black friday fun and if you've noticed they're teaming up with which is ofcourse fabulous! and i'm really hoping you've already signed up for!! out all the deals and there's Free shipping people!
Doggyloot-check out their Cyber Monday deals...hey pups get gifts too!
Target-Cyber Monday deals...check out the link
MLB-for the yankee fan in me....or anyone else (you can find your team too) buy one get the second for 50% off....hmmmm...this is a great idea for anyone who is looking to get me something...i love yankee stuff!!!!
Glossybox -Today only get your glossybox subscription for 12.60!!! enter code cyber40
Forever 21-70% off and no shipping! Use code CyberMon
Julep-get a free nail color with purchase AND a free iphone case!

Alright everyone I have to skidaddle...I'll be back this week posting whatever it is I want...Trying to figure out what i really want this blog to be, but since i'm all over the place, i figure I'd leave it that way.


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