Monday, November 12, 2012

It's just another Manic Monday....

woahooohwoa. I wish it were Sunday.....Actually I wish it was Saturday...i like Saturdays..

This Saturday was awesome. Spent the day with my dude. We went to three different supermarkets; Trader Joe's, Whole Foods and Safeway. Did you know we're going to buy a turkey for about 50 bucks? But I feel good about it....the turkey has had a good life and...ok i still feel shitty about having it killed. The 50 bucks is more of a thank you to the farmer-Thank you for being a good farmer and not doing gross shit to our turkey. We got lots of healthy and delicious snacks too...we got this peanut butter at whole foods that's made right there and HOLY TAP DANCING SAINTS ON BROADWAY that shit tastes amazing! Also, visited the butcher at whole foods and spent about 70 bucks. I really like their point system on their meat, you know where they were, what they were fed...etc...very interesting. I made a pot roast last night and even Gerr tasted a difference with the meat. It was fresher? something about it tasted better and no it wasn't in our heads...(this is what i was thankful for this weekend)

I officially hate James Bond and all of his movies. I will remember Saturday night for decades to come. We checked online to see what movies were playing. I wasn't interested in James Bond, because "The Man with the Iron Fist" was playing. I love kung foo movies. So we picked a time, headed to the mall and I bought some sweaters. I walk over to buy tickets while Gerry is ordering some Sbarro (crappy) pizza. Our movie time was not listed. I asked the customer service person what happened and he said it was replaced by "Skyfall", and with that I replied that the time wasn't changed on the website and to make me feel better I got some free complimentary tickets. I was already defeated and bummed. I wanted some kung foo action dammit. Lucky for us, we're surrounded by movie theatres, so we went to the second closest one where our movie wasn't playing. We told them what happened and they said the movie was playing a couple of exits up and the previews just started. So I finally got my fix at theatre numero tres.

Where's my shopping bug!!! Sort of went soda...I've bought two presents. Normally I'm MISS early shopper, but I'm procrastinating! and i'm not helping all of you at all...all 5 of's get on with the shite...

Happy Veterans Day. Thank you for protecting us and serving our country. I hate war, but you are the brave ones who go out to war to make sure the rest of us at home are safe and free. We love you.
found here
found here
Gerr and I took our friends to this house we wanted to see. It was kind of like practice, you know...getting our feet wet. It was cute but not exactly what i want. The area we want to live in reminds me of the town i wish i'd grew up in. There's even an island, which we walked around and explored. It was awesome!

I need to find a Galaxy note....and NOT for 700 Bucks!

Shite on sites..
Hautelook-Home decor and cute items at really affordable prices. Click on the link!!!
Joss and Main-Cool Christmas items for any type of decor!!!
Vente Prevee-for the mom, dad, cook, non cook etc...Core Bamboo is awesome. I love their stuff.
Refinery 29-they have a list of Urban Outfitters stuff that I think would be great for any teen or you know...anyone like me...a 30 year old quirky chickadee...
Forever21-gifts for him and her and girls and etc...
Target-you can find EVERYONE on your list at Target!!! check out their black friday previews!!! deals...go here...

Pawsitive Dog Story
This positive dog story is about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson adopting an older dog. I give them high fives for not adopting from shelters and not a breeder. Good thing to see when celebrities make a difference, then maybe their fans will follow.
thank you Dogster for always lifting up my spirits....

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