Friday, November 9, 2012

Migraines, schmigraines

2 migraines, 20 days. Boohoo. Increased daily meds...fingers crossed...let's see what happens.

sorry i'm late to the tea party, but i've been go mode since i got here. Pounding headache most of the day, but as long as I can see, that means I can work...The day is starting to slow down so let's get to down to business.

What i was thankful for yesterday 11/8/12
My friends and family. I know i've already thanked them, but this is different. I am thankful that i have wise friends and family members. They remind me i have a lot to learn and they're all little teachers. There's a lot i don't know about in the world, but when i'm ready to learn something i realize i have many friends that are there to teach me. i guess i never really knew that. or maybe i wasn't paying attention. My goal is to pay more attention....

What I am thankful for today 11/9/12
My job. I have worked at a handful of places in my lifetime and always have seem to luck out on some great bosses and coworkers. I'm pretty lucky and I'll never take it for granted. Partly because I have always had bosses who have understood my "issues"; the migraines that come out of nowhere, the back issues that so easily rock my world....Maybe that's every workplace, but the people I work with are different. They will drive me home or to the doctor if something happens. They'll walk me to my car in the rain because I can't see and i need to be somewhere I feel safe (don't worry Gerry picked me up from my car in the parking lot). I also have learned so much from all of my bosses, here and in my past. I've gained a lot of knowledge about the type of work i do, do the nature of the food business (not just waitressing, but food-healthy food, farm to fork etc) and now the Garbage business-i've learned so much about recycling, what's going on in our world, what plastics really become...and of course in my area of accounting I think i'm never done learning. I've been doing this since I was in my 20's. I somehow stumbled into it and i never got out. A girl who hated Math....I should write a

shite and shit...
Epicurious-go here for pie recipes and tips-from doughs  to fillings, servings, etc...
Opensky-Powercube emergency lighting and charging I want one....$75 bucks
Ideeli-if you're an ideeli person they're happy hour sale is happening right now!
Kleinfelds-that great big store is having a sample sale in Manhattan where 10% of the proceeds will go to the hurricane Sandy relief fund.

and i got nuttin else my friends...
hope you have  great weekend!

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