Wednesday, November 7, 2012

And the winner is....

this GUY!!!!
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And i am ecstatic!!! I heard some grumbling on FB and I was astounded when the reasons they were pissed was because they had issues regarding RELIGION!!! People i will say it until I am blue in the face...LEAVE RELIGION OUT OF POLITICS. Be happy that you have the freedom to be whatever religion you choose. THAT is what this country is about. The freedom to speak as you like, the freedom of the press....etc...REMEMBER!!! So leave your personal views and your personal religious preferences and persecutions to yourself. Just because you don't find certain things right for your family, that doesn't mean the rest of America CARES what you think. Just be HAPPY you have the right to believe and love any God you choose.  So silly. So stupid even. People forget, time and time they forget the true meaning of being an American. Get on board or ship out to the mother country. It's time to move forward, so let's go.

Nov 7.
Today I am thankful to be an American. A place where I have the freedom to believe in my own God and accept people around me for who they are. This place where I can write freely on my blog and my government allows it. A place where i can vote. A place where I am in charge over MY own body.  Thank you America. I am proud to be an American.
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Shites on different sites...
Sign the petition- I mean it! Not joking around here...this is sick... and disgusting...Ban Bear Baiting
Epicurious- check out the dessert first here, Inside Out apple pie! the picture looks delicious for the Chicken in Garlic Almond Sauce.
Opensky-ALL THINGS TURKEY...which reminded me i need a digital thermometer. It is a must for BIG meaty will just work me.
Refinery29-I love all of these ideas!! sure it's marked Lazy girls beauty tips..but whatevers, check it out!
Ideeli-Looking for some sales...well click here for their up to 90% off sale!

Positive Dog Story
This story comes from my favorite site, stubbydog. Read about Delilah here...thankfully this family gave her another chance, so she could prove to them they made the right choice by keeping her.

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