Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Let's keep up the Happy!

or at the least lighten the mood up a bit.

The weather is rainy, cloudy and yummy in my opinion!!! Winter weather welcome to California!!! lovin it... is becoming my oooh site.. I saw a commercial on tv the other night and was worried...but nonetheless it's cool and you should check it out. Would i buy from it? Maybe, ONLY IF they  have the cheapest price, which isn't always the case.

Let's look at some happy's!!!

I Like hearing about local people helping/informing/compiling information for dog owners such as this one awesome!

i am thinking of coloring part of my hair's youthful and i gotta tell ya, the brown just doesn't stay dark long enough... :( so we'll see....

well that's all i got for today...

i want all of you to make a positive dog story/animal story possible....Help animals in need by donating old towels, blankets, pillows, whatever to your local shelter. You have old clothes? make a bed with your sweaters-if you go on pinterest or look up "making a sweater into a dog bed" you will find some neat how to's...Be a hero to an animal.

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