Friday, November 16, 2012

Girl's night...

well there are two males involved, if cat's count...Well then it wouldn't really count because Bella is a anywhoo, it's really just a "me" night. It's cool, I get along with me...Gerr will be going up north with the guys to have a wheelin' day tomorrow, which will turn into "mud"ding around because it's sorta raining. You see, what's happening outside isn't rain. It's like a drizzle mist and it must have been happening all night because the ground and everything is wet.

So what will I do tonight??? I will not be baking. That's for sure. My poor thighs and my butt are not happy with my baking. This is the problem with fall/winter the sun goes down so early that walking around this foul neighborhood is sketch at best. (The neighborhood isn't that bad, but it's not the best either). So i think i need to relax, watch some good movies, play with my dog, order some food (hmmm, maybe i shouldn't), and, i sound like i'm 50. I'm just not a party girl. I don't drink. I hate bars. What the hell else am i supposed to do???? I dunno, maybe I'll figure out something a bit better than staying at home and watching TV.

Ok these cranberry bliss bars from Starbucks are friggin delicious and evil...why oh why am i eating this???
wasn't i just complaining about my thighs??? remind me to never look into how to make these...

Something pissed me off the other day and it has to do with another blog i read and respect. It's a cooking blog and they were talking about how they make a Thanksgiving Turkey. She said the word "Butterball". Sorry, but if you are a cook or an aspiring chef or you're in the culinary industry you do NOT endorse Butterball anything.  Besides the kind of turkey-hello can we say garbage? She didn't care, she said. That evening it was irritating me. These people (two ladies) love to cook and yadda yadda and some of their recipes sound really good, but when it comes down to it I realized they are fakes. They aren't real cooks, they're just housewives who can't afford something better than a chemically treated turkey and they're trying to teach you how to make it "saltier". (I know, I sound like a bitch) I found the part where she "didn't care" a bit harsh. She's teaching people how to cook good meals and using CRAP ingredients. What's more, she's advertising a company that has been in the media regarding their mistreatment of their turkeys. The videos are disturbing and disgusting. Remember what you're eating. At some point you have to realize that at one point that Butterball turkey on your table had sores, puss, and who knows what type of infections...have fun. I'll stick with my $70 turkey who had a pleasant life in the meadows and ate healthy stuff.  Here's an article based on the mercy of animals video about Butterball abuse.
I dare you to watch it. If you don't fine, but don't act aloof to the world and the fact that this crap exists. People like this are sick. They're the same type of people who staple puppies to a train track. and yeah, look that's real too. 

Nov 15 and 16
For these two days, i am thankful for me. I am thankful for who i am. I am thankful for the love in my heart. i am thankful for my compassion. I am thankful for my guilt. I am thankful for me. 

stuff on sites, mates....(that sounded cooler in my head)
Rue La La-ok they're selling Spanx...what i don't get are the skinny models wearing them....anyway, check it out if you want some Spanx! Ok while you're at Rue La La, check out the gift by hobby and the other section for stuff added....wootwoot!!
Epicurious-don't forget about your favorite chef-great site for fun stuff......
Ideeli - lot's of gift ideas!!! this will only take you to one page.
Joss and Main-Kinda my new place to shop. lots of eye candy for the home and great ideas for wrapping or mailing, even cards and stuff...
BeautyBar-get some great deals and products on the site, including Philosophy's winter collection.
America's taste kitchen-learn about braising a turkey!!!
Forever21-check out their Hello Kitty Prelaunch! cute stuff!!!

pawsitive dog stories!
yup, you read that right...I need lots of positive stories today! I need to remind myself of all the truly beautiful and caring people on this planet...

#1. This story is brought to you by Care2Causes a woman crawls into a sewer to save a dog! How many of us would do that???? I would try, but I know that my boyfriend would ultimately be the hero....This woman was brave. The article also opens our eyes to the rest of the world and the rescues there.
#2. Normally I don't read about stuff like Subaru's Share the love event. They promote adoption and raise a lot of money to the ASPCA. Please help spread the word about this event. I think it's awesome and whatever helps the animals find homes and get funding for their shelters, animal cruelty investigations, disaster relief etc...well it's all heroic and positive in my book.
#3. Meet Ninja and her owner. One of the dogs from that Bronx dogfighting ring....look at how healthy that little boo looks!

Because i believe we need to have more positive dog stories in our world, I think that if anyone has anything they want to say or a story they want to share, please do. Not sure how many people read my blog because of my love for animals...but if you do and you want to share something with me...please do...
and have a good weekend!

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