Thursday, November 8, 2012

So A funny thing happened on the way home last night

Was it funny, no not really. I was on my way home last night from a long day at work and I was half way there. The truck in front of me slowed down and I got agitated because I needed to get home to walk my dog! I see a taxi driver pull over in the other lane open his car door and I'm thinking oh no there's been an accident. I look over at the bike lane right beside me and there's a 40lb pitbull/boxer mix wearing a harness and a blue leash. I pulled over and got right out trying to coax the baby over to me. She kept going. I looked back to where she had come from and there's a woman; obviously homeless and a bit off; she was screaming the dog's name, but the dog only looked back and kept going. I spoke with the lady and she mentioned that this wouldn't be happened if it wasn't for "drunk asshole". I felt scared. That dog was running away. I thought the woman was walking towards her dog and I was almost sure that she would be pursuing her pet, so I got into my car. When i looked in the rear view mirror she turned back; almost like she gave up. I said "Fuck it" I have to find this dog. There are no places to make a U Turn so imagine having to go around a giant block in 5 o'clock traffic, all the while i'm convinced i've lost the dog. I looked around when i got to a red light and something told me to ask this random lady, she pointed in a direction and i drove off. Another red light and i was beginning to think I was looney. This dog could be anywhere, but i look to my left and there's a woman in heels and a very classy office outfit attempting to lure the pup. FOUND HER!!! I park in the lot and this lady and i eventually corner her. I found some treats in my car which were probably so old and stale, that i didn't blame this dog for not wanting to eat them. Poor thing was scared, but she sat nicely and looked at us with her big brown eyes. The woman said "I rescue animals. I rescue pitbulls. This girl is coming home with me." That woman almost made me cry. She lifted the dog like a baby and held her while I said "I also save pitties. I own one." I saw her keep the dog on her lap while her friend/boyfriend/whoever drove away. I was meant to meet her. And the dog was meant to meet us. She will no longer have to run away from her owners, because I know she will find a home maybe even with this young woman.
I guess you can say that is my positive dog story for the's my own. I feel so emotional about this, because these things keep happening. My friend says it's a sign...i believe it is too. I also believe that i have a lot of work to do with Bella. And that we could help more by networking and meeting more rescues and volunteering...etc...I guess i know what my calling is. I like it.

So what am i going to do?
My mother sent me a link for VolunteerMatch and i need to research it some more. I wanted to share the link with any one who reads my page if they are also interested in some kind of volunteering.
I'm also thinking of putting myself out there as a foster home for puppies. This may help Bella with socialization, plus it was just amazing to see her with a puppy. Coopers Dream and Katrina Pets helped me a lot last time and I want to repay the favor. I will be talking with Gerry tonight about this. Winter is coming and providing warm loving homes to an animal would be the best gift ever.

so let's move on to the shite sites...
AHHHHH I may need this now!-It's on Hautelook today!
Factory Farm Free for 2013-I Have to be honest with you guys...I'm like a lot of you out there and I ignore what's going on in our farms. For a long time i had to buy cheap meat and poultry...Well, I'm not poor really. I need to practice what i preach. I can't look at baby pigs i don't even know how to describe it, or cows crying...what the hell is wrong with us??? Sure I need to eat meat, I'm anemic and iron pills just don't help me feel balanced. I feel that it's natural for us to eat meat, but I don't think it's natural for us to abuse the animals in the process. Like the Native Americans and the Eskimos and all other native peoples, they use every piece of the animal. It's respectful to Mother Nature. I know a lot  of animal activists our vegans and vegetarians and may not understand my point of view. But i do believe in the natural order of things. But i don't believe in slaughter, so my next step this year and 2013 is to become more aware of where my food comes from. So should you.....

The Humane Society needs you- please these guys are working SO hard to help the animals, please go and make a contribution!!!and yes I already have.

this has all been interrupted by a migraine....hope you enjoyed this today...

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