Thursday, November 1, 2012

November already....

This year is going by too fast...I can't take it's getting too close to the end of the year. Stop it and slow down a bit...except for work; that can go fast.

I hope you all had a happy halloween! We had a great time at Asia SF and we looked great! Here's a pic of me in my costume.

Here's Gerry:

 I would put up pics of the girls, but I never know how people feel about having their pictures on my page...soo...let me tell you, they looked awesome! :)

I showed people from work the picture above of my costume and they didn't believe it was me...hahahaha. I guess i dress like crap at work...or not slutty.

I am fighting a cold or something. I took my temperature yesterday at lunch and it was 95.7. Pretty damn low. I emailed my doc and she said i'm probably fighting something off. I shouldn't be at work...but hey tell the piles of paper in front of me to magically input themselves into my system. So if you ever find yourself with a low temperature, beware of all the stuff you read, sometimes you're just fighting an infection or a cold....My temp this morning was closer to 97.5 which is my normal. if i have a 98 something, i usually am too warm or getting sick.

Cool sites and shites
Joyus-Cool ideas for wine bottles!
Outgrowme-well there's a bra with a pocket...they've got all sorts of cool and fun stuff..definitely worth a peak.
Epicurious-Need ideas for thanksgiving...helloooo Bobby Flay....yum. oh and here's a duck a l'orange recipe.
Animal Rescue Foundation-Need a place to donate to this season...there are a lot of places that help families and animals, but this year it's to benefit those families who can't afford to buy food for their animals. donate here.
American Humane Association-get some holiday cards and give money to a good cause!!!
Hautelook-cool gift idea alert!!! check out Rock the trend: Edgy jewelry. Nice pieces!!! here are some examples!  and by the way GREAT PRICES!!!
really i could keep going...while you're on hautelook check out Vintage bazaar, twist and pout, going glam, etc...really a lot of good gift ideas.

somewhat of a positive dog story
I know that people may/do read this so i need you all to go to Rescue Ink's facebook page. If you're in New York they need help. These guys went back to their shelter even when they were told they couldn't cross the bridge. They are cleaning and need help. They need pet supplies. The building still stands yet there's no power. They NEED little things...every day stuffs...Please check out their fb page and find a way to help out. I have to look through my towels and stuff and see what i can send. But i will be helping!

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