Monday, December 3, 2012

Sunny in California

well we had about 5 days of WEATHER! which was real nice! I guess some more weather is a comin our way....but you never know with this place!

So yeah i changed the page once again, i'm getting lazy, but i'm also having a lot of fine with all of the cool i atleast hope you like all the stuffs too.

here are some clever gift ideas...
Bacon spread....for the bacon enthusiast! click here for more foodie options

this is the prettiest New Years Dress!!! I want it!!!

the other night i wanted to play poker with Gerry, but i realized we didn't have any cards...good stocking stuffers like these guys are always a good the way a bad idea is filling your dogs stocking NOW rather than Christmas DAY...No worries, i hid the stockings...
This is so pretty. Reminds me of Hindu/Indian stuff....

that's the coolest thing Ever...thank you Tony La Russa for being amazing..and yes people that's a kitty.


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