Thursday, July 5, 2012

oh lordy...can i get a nap?

Plain and Simple, this whole day off in the middle of the week sounded like a good idea, but today i've been zombified by it. How is zombified not a word yet? The apocalypse is coming people, so Webster's better start the process of adding new words. Zombification. Zombied. Zombed.

yeah...ok where the heck was I? oh yes, back to being out of it today. I felt like i was working at the speed of a turtle with a 5lb weight on it's back. Geez i don't even drink and i feel hungover. But yesterday was a good day. I did the following: Laid out and read, listened to music in the sun, went on a bike ride, BBQ some burgers, took pup for a walk, relaxed and then watched an hours worth of fireworks in the town of Sonoma with some friends. Pretty fun. I hope you zombies had a good holiday too.

I don't think i told you, but let me remind you why SF funcheap rocks my socks off! Well, it's because I won two tickets to the Academy of Sciences Nightlife thursday night series. I feel so special! The tix are for tonight, so we better drink a lot of caffeine before we get there.  And because SF funcheap rocks,there are a bunch of events this weekend that we're going to hit up:

Free art walks are the best and Gerr and I are looking forward to hitting up North Beach and enjoying a lovely summer stroll and checking out some cute and quaint art galleries. Plus, we're gonna check out that amazing Cannoli place (how the hell do you spell canoli.cannolli, can of li...not gonna google)

vintage Pop Up Show in the mission, sounds like FUN! definitely something i would love to check out, so maybe i can convince Gerr to go there first. 

Free Fishing Day on Saturday! I may be able to catch a fish, finally....

SF Scavenger hunt- i think this may be too much. My poor guy needs to work on his buggy...i have to give him a break, but this sounds like fun, doesn't it?

Dirty Dancing renegade movie-haha remember when we went to see Back to the Future? Well this is Dirty Dancing night!!! hahaha...awesome!


Things i'm thinking about right now:
  1. At 4 mostly everyone will be gone from my floor, does that mean i can leave early? 
  2. I want to change when i get home, what should i wear? 
  3. What happened to Cher? 
  4. I like Indian food. 
  5.  who came up with the word Cockatoo?
  6. i have a Freddy Kreuger pen that i use at work. it's the only pen that hasn't run out of ink and i shit you not i've had it for 3 years.
  7. Fake blow pops rock. 
  8. I need more pictures of my kitties, Gerry and Bella at work. 
  9. Did anyone out there wear a superman costume (without the mask per the commercial) to Carl's Jr yesterday to get a free burger? 
  10. i was texting the word "dancing" and my auto correct option was 'zanzibar' what the hell is zanzibar?
the following is sourced from Wikepedia and I did not in anyway come up with said answer, because i had no friggin clue what Zanzibar was and was confusing it with Zatarains which i have no idea what that is either.

Zanzibar (play /ˈzænzɨbɑr/; from Arabic: زنجبارZanjibār, from Persian: زنگبارZangibār "Coast of Blacks"; zangi [black-skinned] + bār [coast])[2][3] is a semi-autonomous part of Tanzania, in East Africa. It comprises the Zanzibar Archipelago in the Indian Ocean, 25–50 kilometres (16–31 mi) off the coast of the mainland, and consists of numerous small islands and two large ones: Unguja (the main island, informally referred to as Zanzibar), and Pemba

 ok i gotta boogie. lot's of love....

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