Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The saga of Bellas' maladies continues....

Bella, my pup, is 3 and a half years old. She's had more surgeries than the normal human. 2 knees, one tail (sniff), a spay, a cyst removal and I feel like i'm missing something else. She's had x-rays and even an ultrasound. We take care of our dog.

I know i've complained a lot on my blog about these chronic UTI's she's had for the last 5-6 months. The antibiotics only work while she's on them, these little e coli bastards keep coming back and I don't know what to do.  Our own vet sent us to see a specialist. I took Bella last Thursday so that we could consult with someone more experienced in this. The doc who saw me briefly said she wanted to do a cystoscopy (great link about canine cystoscopy and other procedures). I nodded the whole time thinking great idea, we need to see if the inside is anatomically correct  before we fix the outside...Yes people, my dog may need one of these:
click on the picture to go veternary practice news. 
yes, i's probably not the first thing you wanted to look at, but that's what she may need-a vulvoplasty. My hands have been cradling my tired head for a couple of days now.  I just don't feel comfortable changing how she was born and trust me the loss of her tail...ok whip, was fucking hard. I would never have docked her tail when she was a baby. never...sigh...But I can see her pain sometimes. I see her discomfort when she pees and she looks at me like it's not fun to go potty anymore. She's been off antibiotics for a couple of weeks now, so she's probably being attacked internally. WAAAAAH!

Well when i set up the appointment with the girl on the phone i asked how much this procedure was and she responded by putting me on hold for a bit and returning to say 1500 in a light and happy voice. 1500 bucks for an inspection? That's really what it is. stick a tube in the urethra with a little camera and a light and check out to make sure she's all good INSIDE. I've asked some friends to see how much it should cost and well let's just say it's not 1500. This place is known for being an emergency hospital and buttfucking you with their high prices. Sure I knew it would be expensive, but not 1500 bucks.  I cancelled the appointment. Time to go back to our vet and see what else we can do or who else can do this test. 

So today i wait. i wait for a phonecall that may or may not save us money and help my doggy. I pray that i can help her with this issue and that we can put an end to her suffering. All we want is for her to be healthy. Which of course brings me to her next issue. SHE'S FUCKING LIMPING AGAIN. She'll run for like 20 minutes and the poor girl limps for a day or two. I AM GOING TO BANG MY HEAD UP AGAINST A WALL. I don't understand. What is going on? Why does my puppy have to be hurting? She's such a good girl and she gives the best kisses. I hate seeing her in this pain. 

I'll update later or tomorrow after I hear more from the Vet. Gerr and I need a plan of action and we need to know how much this will all cost. X-ray, cystoscopy, vulvaplasty....fuck. just a big FUCK. 

So that you don't leave my page with the visual above stuck in your brain here is some random Bella doggy images i found:
ooh i like this. 

i should totally get her this shirt.
Tarra the elephant and Bella the dog

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