Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Things that don't mix well:

water and oil

orange juice and milk

coughing and hiccups

Men, alcohol, hot days and sports.   Ok I'm totally being sexist. But it's the truth.

About me
 i like animals. All of them. I respect them all.
My favorite colors are: blue, black, burgundy/maroon.
i like shopping. (duh)
I like Skulls.
I love tattooes.

wow this blog is sucking today...I have nothing to write about....should i stop while i'm ahead or keep tormenting you with sentences and phrases that a first grader could write?
 i want a muffin...doesn't a warm muffin sound yummy? With a little pat of butter???mmmm

I think i feel a cooking craze coming along. I want to play with food...which is a good thing, because lately i've been bored....I have a bit of a break from my honey bunny for a few days, so maybe i'll come up with something delicious. hmmm, maybe some tomato soup with Basil and cream? OR creamy broccoli soup. I have some broccoli in the fridge that i have yet to eat. I don't really want to make soups because it's warm and making a tiny batch for me is a waste. Ok, so I need to use my broccoli...what about a baked potato with a cheesy broccoli sauce and a chicken breast??? By George, I think i got it! So how will i make the cheesy broccoli sauce you may ask??? Well since i'm terrible at writing comprehensive recipes i can only describe it to here goes:

***Bake Potato or Boil it and then bake it. I'll probably just boil it, because it's faster. Then i'll make a rue-think butter and flour to make a bit of a paste-add milk (whole or cream) stir to break up the little paste ball you created and break that baby up. Add cheddar or whatever cheese and watch your cheese sauce take form! add salt, pepper for taste. Now, this is without the broccoli, but what i'magonnado is put the broccoli in a blender (just the little trees) and make little chunks, when i've added the milk, i'm going to add the broccoli and then continue with the process per above. ***

ok yum. and now i'm excited about dinner.  maybe i should add some bacon????

look what i found!?
Click the pic to be taken to Equalombian. Ecuador and Colombian food recipes. My stomach is grumbling now! I will be making this

So who likes the new No Doubt song?
I love No Doubt. I have loved every twist and turn in their musical career and so far I like the new song. If you haven't heard it yet, here's your chance to hear it and watch the video!

I'm really happy they're all back. I can't wait for the album to come out! 

Why do the hours sometimes go so slow? 
You'd think it was a different hour but that's not so. 
Watching the clock-tick tock, tick tock.....

ok seriously that's all i got for today...oh wait I checked out and ordered myself an extra pair of glasses. 30 bucks!! All you need is your prescription from your eye doctor. Super cool. Can't wait to see them! 

tootles, kit and caboodles.

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