Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Boycott Belfast.

This stupid little area in Northern Ireland is probably the most stubborn assholery in the world.  Ok, maybe not the most stubborn, but by God!!  These people need to be locked in a cell and left to wallow in it's own feces for 2 years. Apparently they have "experts" that have deemed the dog aggressive, yet they won't allow anyone else to check the dog. What happens to a sane person when locked in solitary confinement for 2 years? Guess what they go crazy! This dog has the chance to be helped by experts to give him a healthy life yet you stick to your guns. But you're right, City of Belfast, put the dog out of it's misery so that his nightmare ends AND never again has to deal with you demon people. I am hoping that the whole city just burns up in flames. I am so disgusted. Ireland you're back on the map, how does it feel? You will forever be known as a dog killing country and I've completely lost respect for you. I will be boycotting anything coming from Ireland, not that they export much-i don't drink beer. But i do vow to never visit that place...ever...

I hate stupid people. seriously....

Anyway that's what i needed to write today. I'm so angry and it's so frustrating when you can't really open someone's eyes to see that there are other options besides killing this dog.  I will never understand some people.

That's what i leave you with today. If you need more information about lennox, visit the links from yesterday's post. Keep praying too.

lots of love to Lennox and his family.

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