Monday, July 30, 2012

Finding me?

Sometimes I feel pretty friggin low and I need to find a way to let it out either here or somehow in my hectic every day life. I find that it's hard to let everything out without hurting people.  I keep my mouth quiet and yet I wind up suffering.

Currently I feel like i'm being attacked in so many different directions that it appears I have spears aimed at me wherever I turn.  I know all of this will pass, but it's pretty hard when the people you do look up to,  don't seem to understand anything about you. 

I figured that today, I'd do things backwards. I'm reading all of the blogs I've missed out on and gathering inspiration or reaffirming something positive within me.

This blog is about random stuff so here goes:
  1. I am proud of the beans I made yesterday. Actually it took about two days. Think raw beans, lots of water, chicken stock base, onions and garlic. COOK LOW for about 12 hours, then I switched to cook high for about two hours. I decided i wanted to have some "refried" beans, so i took my cool Smartstick hand blender and blended them until they looked like awesome refried beans. Put some cheese on top and my friends LOVED it. I felt pretty good about it! and i have some in the freezer for futurespanish meals! 
  2. Bella is swell. She definitely doesn't behave as if she's just had surgery, she's acting like the pup we know and love. I am just praying that i don't need to use the cone of shame. we have this bite not collar and we've used it for all the other surgeries, so I'm hoping she'll leave that area alone. 
  3. Sometimes we get all wrapped up in taking care of other people or our animals, that we forget to take care of ourselves. I found myself waking up with sore hips and pained muscles and calculated in my head that i hadn't been on a walk in about two or three days, because someone needed to stay with the pup. That's not acceptable.  I can't forget to take care of myself. One of the simplest medicines for us Fibro patients, is walking. Today i feel less pain and stiffness. 
  4. Because it's always my fav...please check out texts from a dog
  5. Check out Vixen Vintage, she's just amazing. Her photography, the clothes she wears...she's super adorable and I just love her style! 
  6. ooh it's almost lunch time. 
  7. So i think I have forgotten how to make my own coffee. One of my friends broke my coffee spoon AND in I also took a very long brewing break. So, this weekend i made coffee 6 times. NOT ONE CUP WAS PERFECT! either it was too strong or too weak. sigh. This morning my coffee came out, ok...a little strong. I have a new scooper so i'm hoping i can find the right amount of coffee to water ratio. 
  8. Does someone need a picture
 ?? it's called hello kitty pastry? click the picture for more info??

Ok I gotta ask this super sensitive question....
I am finding out that some people are just friggin coocoo. From the super righteous Christians against Gay Marriage to the woe-is-me-please-feel-sorry-for-me-because-i-treated-my-ex-super-badly-on-fb-and-now-i-want-to-whine-about-it.  I constantly feel like i want to tell people to shut up. Most of them I don't even want to talk to.  I get it, you don't like Gay people, well make a group of super hardcore Christians to share it with, because personally I don't care about your point of view. And as for you miss drama queen, take some more anti depressants and be honest with yourself. 
I know. It's my fault. I let these people in my life. And I'm too nice to delete some of them. OR to even speak up and say something about what i see. I am like many other Americans who don't stick up for what they believe in.  I think I will have to, going forward. 

There's a line in one of my favorite songs by Rise Against and it goes like this:

"If there's a God you better pray, that this sleeping giant never wakes."

I always get goosebumps when i hear it, because this line holds so many meanings for me. Like,  "HUMANS you should be very very very embarrassed with what you've done with this world." I truly believe if there is a God, we've all failed him (she, it etc) in one way or another.  Prejudice, murder of all types (animal and human), hate...ick...all of this just leaves me with a stomach ache.  I know i'm not perfect, but the first thing I learned in regards to God was to respect the things on this earth that he created. Such a sad world when so many people focus on hate and bigotry. 

That's all peeps. Probably too much for some to handle, but that's pretty much all i have to say. 
have a grand day.

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