Monday, July 9, 2012

Another Reason to be Thankful...

Not sure how many people have  been following the Lennox story-a pitbull looking dog in Belfast Northern Ireland who was seized because of their BSL laws.  This is a 2 year old struggle for the family. This poor dog has been kept locked up with no veterinary assistance and doomed to die for 2 fucking years. Who the hell does that besides horrid human beings with no respect for an animals life?

This dog is destined to die tomorrow.  Various famous people; Cesar Millan, Victoria Stilwell and animal sanctuaries around the world have asked for this dog to be exported to a safer country, but their requests have been denied. Why? I don't know why. But my heart is saddened because this is so cruel.

2 years, they've kept this dog locked in a cage with no proof of aggression, just another breed prejudice based assessment. I'm tired of this and thank you UK, for proving once and for all why BSL laws were like Jim Crow laws here; based on hate and prejudice. Maybe this will wake up our country and prove that BSL laws need to be abolished once and for all.

Please visit the following sites in order to educate yourself about Lennox. Also on some of these sites there are email petitions and I beg of you to please cut and paste and send these off. Today is July 9th, there isn't enough time, but we can all try. Even if you're not a dog lover this is wrong. Please, i beg you. Do something.

Last E-mail Campaign -this one is what you need to do now!

Please copy the url below and link to your site. We can only pray that somehow someone has the heart to let this dog go to Cesar or Victoria.

My prayers are with you Lennox. I hope they free you so you can be a dog again.

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