Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Building Blocks
Writers Block
As i was looking for pictures for all sorts of blocks, i realized i actually had something to write!!!

Last night I made dinner which you can check out my recipe for the broccoli cheese sauce on yesterday's blog or just click here mmm doesn't it look good:

While I was cooking dinner last night,  I stumbled upon  Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution on BBC, basically he's trying to get processed foods out of US school cafeterias and trying to use fresh foods all in the name of fighting obesity.  Doesn't First Lady Michelle Obama have a similar program? she does it's called which is more about exercise than food, and Jamie Oliver is more in people's faces. I love how he calls it child abuse when kids bring their own lunch and it's JUNK-blue jello, potato chips, those little boxes with the meat and cheese and crackers.....BLEH

So anyway, I'm watching this show and i'm making my dinner-all from scratch and it takes me about 45 minutes. Doesn't take very long and my dinner only came out to about 800 calories..i know, i know eek right? well i had two pieces of chicken instead of one...hehehe..i was hungry. the potato alone was only 388 calories and that's including my own cheese sauce! Anywhoo, the show was all about eating fresh and healthy and keeping processed foods out of schools to eliminate obesity. I smiled. I didn't use anything processed. My food was fresh. And that's how it should be.

I love food and i've also had weight issues because of it, but it's because i didn't know how to eat right. Sure I still go out to eat once in a while,  but i stay away from fast food joints or items on the menu that would increase my cholesterol by 3000 points-so not worth it.. Eating at home can be better than going out, I prove it to Gerr every time I make dinner and in turn he proves that to me when he makes homemade french fries. OH yum.

I really hope schools do make a change. I don't want my kids hooked on boxed chicken nuggets and french fries. Carrots, ranch dressing, homemade nuggets sure...but not crap.  I remember eating cafeteria lunches and really nothing impressed me, except for hot dog day-i like sauerkraut and their pork and beans,  but that was it.

So what's for dinner tonight? hmmm. i'm not sure. maybe something italian, i've got some lean ground beef to eat. :)

Have a good day!!!

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